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  • Dandux Shipping Hamper


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Dandux Shipping Hamper

Move, store and secure your items with a Dandux Shipping Hamper. These stationary hampers come standard with a solid one-piece, lockable wooden top that is used to protect valuable merchandise from dirt, dust and pilferage. Ideal for work in process, finished goods, theatrical costumes and equipment, lighting, bands and orchestras, sports teams, boxed and soft goods. Hamper bodies are available in either standard white canvas or yellow Glosstex.

Yellow Glosstex Vinyl Coated Nylon Truck has a smooth, easy to clean, snag-free surface that resists punctures. White Canvas Truck body offers maximum abrasion resistance and durability.

All Canvas Or Vinyl Shipping Hamper Trucks Have A Lockable Wood Lid For Security.
Dandux Lockable Hamper Trucks are ideal for storing and protecting material in process, finished goods, musical instruments, theatre costumes or sporting equipment. Solid one piece wood lid with padlock hasp protects valuable cargo from dust, dirt and pilferage. Heavy-duty trucks are weather and water resistant and all critical wear points are reinforced for durability. Kiln-dried hardwood base and welded spring steel frame for years of service. Dual reinforced handles and four 4” rubber swivel casters offer easy transport.
Series 40-200 comes equipped with a permanently mounted hinged top.
Series 40-205 comes equipped with a one-piece detachable top.
Both tops can be secured via the permanently mounted metal hasps that can be
padlocked to protect the contents.
White Canvas Truck body offers maximum abrasion resistance and durability.
Quality Features:

  • Two piece wood top that is split in the center length wise with 4 hinge
    points (Series 40-260).
  • A fabric top sewn along one side of the body and secured to the
    opposite side with buckled leather straps (Series 40-305).
  • Other configurations available based on customer supplied design.
  • Casters in the size and pattern of your choice.
  • Lock rods.
  • Steel corner plates for extra protection of top corners.