gym towel vs bath towel

Gym Towel vs. Bath Towel

While placing a purchase order for towels, you might have wondered  “what is the difference between a gym towel and a bath towel?” After all, aren’t all towels the same? They’re all made of cotton, right?


Well, not exactly. Not all towels are made equal. Some are better suited for the workout areas, while others are perfect for the showers. It might be tempting to take a one-size-fits-all approach by purchasing the same type of towel for your whole gym, but it would be a sub-optimal experience for your gym members.


Read on to find out the differences between gym towels and bath towels, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type.


Differences Between Gym Towels and Bath Towels


To understand the difference between the two towels we need to look at three factors: Fibers, Weight, and Construction.



Cotton is the most common fiber for making towels, although the type of cotton used will affect how the towel feels. Bath towels are almost exclusively made of cotton or cotton-poly blends, whereas workout towels could be made from cotton, microfiber, and cotton-poly blends.



The weight of a towel is measured in GSM (grams per square meter) or lbs per dozen if you are buying in bulk. This measurement of density affects the softness and absorbency the towel. The higher the GSM or lbs/dozen, the softer and absorbent the towel. Generally, workout towels have a lower density starting as low as 2.75 lbs per dozen, whereas bath towels have densities of up to 18 lbs per dozen.




Now that you understand the differences between the two towels, let’s look at their pros vs. cons.


Gym Towels – Pros vs Cons

Firstly, gym towels are easier to carry around because they’re smaller in size. Bath towels are larger making them impractical to lug around the workout areas.


Second, gym towels are lighter making easier to pack away, especially microfiber towels. They can be quickly rolled up and stored away in your gym bag.


Finally, gym towels dry faster when compared to bath towels. You don’t have to wait too long after washing to use them again.


The downside to gym towels is that they’re not as absorbent as bath towels. However, this is not an issue since they’re used to wipe away sweat, and not dry-off your entire body after a shower.


Bath Towels – Pros vs Cons

The first advantage of bath towels is that they’re highly absorbent. There’s nothing more unpleasant than a towel that leaves your body damp even after toweling off. Your clothes will be damp after getting dressed. A bath towel will dry off your entire body of moisture after a shower.


The next advantage is that bath towels feel softer due to the ring-spun cotton used to make them. Your gym members will appreciate the extra touch and it will give your business a ‘premium’ image.


Finally, bath towels generally last longer because of the way they are constructed and the higher quality cotton used.


The downside to using bath towels is that they take longer to dry. This is why it’s a good idea to be adequately stocked with bath towels in your gym.


Now that you’ve fully explored both bath and gym towel, take a look at our selection here:

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