plastic vs canvas laundry carts

Canvas vs Plastic Laundry Carts

Are you considering buying a laundry cart for your business? If your business produces a vast amount of laundry, then a laundry cart is an ideal way to move your loads from point to point. However, choosing the right laundry cart for your specific circumstances can be difficult when faced with so many choices.


That’s why we’ve put together this comparison of two major types of laundry carts that Texon Athletic towel has to offer: Plastic and canvas.


Let’s start with plastic carts:


Plastic Laundry Carts – Pros vs Cons



First, plastic carts are made from stronger materials in comparison to other types of laundry carts. The Dandux Poly Taper truck is made from a high-quality polyethylene resin, making it durable to bumps and scratches. Plastic also doesn’t warp out of shape from exposure to moisture.


Secondly, plastic is relatively light given its strength. This makes it easy to transport heavy loads such as wet clothing from a washing machine to dryer. A strong, yet relatively light laundry cart makes moving heavy loads much easier.


Plastic carts also resist mold. If you are collecting sweaty clothing in a canvas truck, moisture collects at the base of the truck and it eventually forms mold. Since plastic carts don’t absorb moisture, mold isn’t a problem.


Finally, plastic carts don’t snag your clothes. Other laundry carts may be made of materials that catch onto the fabric of your clothes, causing rips and tears. Since plastic has a smooth finish, none of your clothing will get caught or damaged.


The downside to plastic carts is that they are not as ecological as canvas, due to the plastic manufacturing process. This might be an issue for those who are environmentally conscious.


Canvas Laundry Carts – Pros vs Cons


The first benefit of canvas laundry carts is that they are easier to clean. Since the canvas material is detachable, it can be easily put into a washer for cleaning. This is a much more convenient process for cleaning.


The next benefit is that they are much more affordable. Canvas is a material that costs less to produce when compared to manufacturing plastic. This is why canvas carts can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that have budget limitations.


The downside to canvas carts is that they absorb moisture, so they can become smelly and moldy. However, since they are easily cleaned this shouldn’t be an issue if you regularly maintain your laundry cart.


Plastic carts and canvas carts both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the laundry cart that you buy will depend on your own specific needs. To find the right laundry cart for your business, take a look at our selection of laundry carts at Texon:




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