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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Wholesale Towels

Any business or organization that provides a towel service knows that their wholesale towels have a limited lifespan. Through regular use, washing, wear, and tear, towels will gradually become worn down. Even high-quality towels need to be replaced eventually.


If your towels are worn out, stained or damaged then this could leave a bad impression with your customers. Also, dirty towels are unhygienic, spread bacteria, and cause illnesses, all of which spells ‘trouble’ for your business.


This is why you must stay on top of your towel supply’s condition and be aware of when to replace your towels. Here are four signs it’s time to replace your wholesale towels:


They Have Permanent Stains

Getting stains on your towels is inevitable whether you own a gym, run a sports team, or run a hotel towel service. Whether it’s from drink spills, make-up removal or sweat, these stains will make your towels appear unkempt and dirty. In turn, this affects the presentation of your towels and ultimately your business’s reputation.


Although most stains can be removed with washing and proper towel care, some stains are permanent. If your wholesale towels have been permanently stained, it’s time to replace them.


They Are Worn Out

You can extend the lifespan of your wholesale towels with proper care and maintenance, but no towel lasts forever. Over time, towels begin to lose fibers and start to wear down. In the process, they look raggedy and may begin to tear.


Just like the previous point, this affects the presentation of your towels. If your towels look threadbare it’s time to replace them.


They Lose Their Softness and Absorbency

Following on from the previous point, when the threads of the towel begin to break down they also lose their softness and absorbency. Although it doesn’t cause harm to use such towels, providing customers with towels that are stiff and un-absorbent is not a good look for your business.


If your towels no longer feel soft and are poor at absorbing moisture consider replacing them.


They Produce Lint and Pilling

Over the course of their use, towels may produce lint and pilling. They make your towels look untidy and unpresentable. It also has the potential to damage your customer’s clothing if the lint and pilling attach to the fabrics of their clothing.


To avoid damaging your customer’s clothing and your reputation, replace your towels if they begin to produce lint and pilling.


How To Replace Your Wholesale Towels

Replacing your towels in bulk is simple using Texon’s website following these three steps:


  1. Select the type of towel you want to purchase
  2. Enter the quantity your business needs
  3. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to complete the purchase. Payments are processed securely through our website.


Discounts are given for all orders over 10 dozen. Is it time to replace your towels? Looking for wholesale towels for your business or organization? Take a look at Texon’s selection here: https://www.texontowel.com/c/gym-towels/










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