3 Reasons Your Quarterback Needs Football Towels

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The quarterback is one of the most important roles on a football team. Their job is to drive their team toward the end zone and score as many points as possible, through touchdowns or field goals. To achieve this, they need to be able to throw the ball accurately and pass it to other players to execute their plays effectively. This is where football towels come into play.

Throughout the course of the game, factors such as sweat, water, rain, and dirt affect the quarterback’s ability to grip the ball, making it difficult to handle properly. This is why football towels are a necessity for your team, so that quarterbacks and other players can remain effective at passing.

Read on to find out three reasons your quarterback needs football towels.

To Keep Their Hands Dry From Sweat

The main use for football towels is to keep a player’s hands dry. Sweaty hands affect the grip on a football, and in turn, the final location that the ball will land when thrown. Since quarterbacks are expected to throw the ball with precision, having sweaty hands will hamper their ability to accurately place the ball because they make the ball slippery.

Wiping away any moisture on their hands by using a towel, will allow a player to maintain a consistent grip on the ball.

To Wipe Away Rain & Moisture

If a game is being played in wet conditions, such as rain or fog, a quarterback’s ability to pass and catch a ball is severely affected. They are unable to fully rely on their hands. Having towels available to wipe away as much moisture as possible will help improve a player’s ability to catch and throw the ball in wet conditions. Whether a quarterback is throwing a short pass or a hail Mary, it is important that their hands are dry and ready to perform.

To Wipe Away Dirt

During a game, a quarterback can get tackled to the ground and in the process, they pick up dirt onto their hands or gloves. These patches of dirt can change their grip on the ball and affect the accuracy of their passes. Using a towel to wipe away dirt on gloves can help to prevent this from happening during the game.

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