Buying Colored From Texon Athletic Towel-What to Expect

Ordering Colored Towels in bulk is easy with Texon’s large selection of quality towels on hand and shipping from one of our several warehouses in the USA.  Your colored towels may be ordered in several ways.  You may order them online, or by giving us a call.  Your call will be answered promptly  (By a REAL PERSON M-F 9-5 PM EST!) You’ll be able to ask and get answers to any of your gym towel questions.  Since we have been offering  towels to sports and athletic facilities for over 40 years, we do have lots of great information for our customers.

If you prefer to order online, our system is quite simple and all towels listed on our website should match the quantities that we have in stock.  All towel orders generally ship the same business day, if ordered in the morning.  If ordered in the afternoon, they will ship the next business day.   When your towels ship, you will receive an automated shipping and tracking notice so that you may track your towel order directly to your gym, club or athletic facility. You will also receive an invoice emailed to you for your records.

Wholesale Color Towels Options from Texon Athletic Towel

Some of the Color Towel Options from Texon Athletic Towel are:

Gym Towels in colors-Our 100% cotton towels are soft and durable. Most offerings are 3.25 lb/dz+ to take the abuse of the high quantity of commercial washings in a sports environment.  We also offer 84/14 Cotton/Poly blend towels in several 4.00-5.00 lb options.  Call for options on the super premium gym towels.

Bleach Resistant Gym Towels-If you are looking for towels that keep their color and take the abuse of personal hygiene products that can discolor your towels, check out our bleach resistant options.

Economy White Gym Towels-Our economy gym towels are made for gyms or clubs with high volumes of patrons or needing to maintain a budget.  Constructed of what we refer to a 10 Single Yarn these towels have a rougher feel but get the job done at a value price. Normally these towels are lower in weight  or GSM, grams per square meter.

Center Stripe Gym Towels- Gym towels with center stripes are offered in 3 sizes, 16×27 hand, 22×44 small shower, 24×48 standard shower.  We stock these with 4 color options, black, gold, blue, and green.  Great for identification and for a nominal amount of money work as well as our economy towels but make them much more identifiable.

Gym Towels/Shower Towels- Standard sized shower towels for gym patrons start at the 24×50 size and work their way up.  We recommend having a quick chat about your needs and likely sending samples to you prior to your first purchase.

Premium White Gym Towels

For upscale facilities, gym towels are provided for convenience. Oftentimes, gym members take a shower after their workouts before heading off to work. Providing bath towels is a thoughtful service that they will appreciate. Premium white gym towels are made from ring spun cotton, so they are soft and provide maximum comfort. Also, they are economical when you buy these gym towels in bulk.