Gym Wipe Dispensers

Gym Wipe dispensers are easy to install and refill.  Customers will appreciate the ability to pull gym wipes, as needed, to keep sweat and bacteria out of your facility.  Dispensers come in both floor and wall mount options.  Our 2XL Wipes may be used in any of the stainless steel floor or wall mount options, or the plastic wall mounts, which are available in both white and black.

Keeping your gym clean and hygienic prevents bacteria, viruses, and infections from growing and spreading. This starts with cleaning and sanitizing surfaces with gym wipes. To encourage gym members and staff to use gym wipes, ensure you make the wipes accessible using our wipe dispensers.

There are three main types of Gym Wipe dispensers available through Texon: stand, bucket, and wall dispenser. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Check out our Gym Wipe Dispenser Guide for more details.