• Z Rack Casters

    They often look alike however they are different quality. We attest that our z racks casters are rated to at least 125 pounds each = 500 lbs per z-rack. Do you have requirements for more weight – not at issue we have lots of caster options.

  • Z Rack Base

    Why solid welded? Because this is the strongest way to manufacture a Z-Rack. It gives stability to the garment rack. Meaning it won’t tip, wobble, or break. The other guys is usually a black or orange base that easily breaks where it is bolted together or it breaks where it is bent.

  • Z Rack Hang Rail and Uprights

    Larger outside diameter and thicker gauge (remember the higher the number the thinner the steel) allow for more support. We like structurally sound garment racks to hold your valuable garments. The other guys are chrome , more on that in a moment. The chrome can chip and snag your clothing. The other guys steel cannot support the same weight that ours does.

  • Foreign Chrome is BAD for you!

    There is very little chrome plating done in the United States and for a very good reason. We do not chrome plate any part of our Z Racks. The other guys Z-racks are plated with hexavalent chromium which is the most toxic form of chromium from a health standpoint. In the U.S. the Environmental Protection Agency regulates its use heavily. The EPA lists hexavalent chromium as a hazardous air pollutant because it is a human carcinogen, a “priority pollutant” under the Clean Water Act, and a “hazardous constituent” under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. That’s why the other guys make them in China.  Our Z-Racks are made with pride in the USA!