Buying Mesh Laundry Bags From Texon Athletic Towel-What to Expect

Ordering Zippered Mesh Laundry Bags is easy with Texon’s large selection of bag options on hand and shipping from one of our several warehouses in the USA.  Your mesh laundry bags may be ordered in several ways.  You may order them online, or by giving us a call.  Your call will be answered promptly  (By a REAL PERSON M-F 9-5 PM EST!) You’ll be able to ask and get answers to any of your mesh bag questions.  Since we have been offering mesh bags to sports and athletic teams for over 40 years, we do have lots of great information for our customers.

If you prefer to order online, our system is quite simple and all bags listed on our website should match the quantities that we have in stock.  All mesh bag orders generally ship the same business day, if ordered in the morning.  If ordered in the afternoon, they will ship the next business day.   When your zippered mesh bags ship, you will receive an automated shipping and tracking notice so that you may track your towel order directly to your gym, club or athletic facility. You will also receive an invoice emailed to you for your records.