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Gym Wipe Dispensers

Keeping your gym clean and hygienic prevents bacteria, viruses, and infections from growing and spreading. This starts with cleaning and sanitizing surfaces with gym wipes. To encourage gym members and staff to use gym wipes, ensure you make the wipes accessible using our wipe dispensers.

There are three main types of gym wipe dispensers available through Texon: stand, bucket, and wall dispenser. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Stainless Steel Gym Wipe Stand

The 2XL73 Stainless steel Gym Wipes stand is an excellent solution for any business that requires a permanent wipe dispensing solution. The stand is designed to dispense one wipe at a time through a sturdy nozzle and includes a receptacle to collect waste.

The first benefit of the wipe stand is its convenient design. It can be easily refilled with new wipes and the trash receptacle can be conveniently emptied.

The next benefit is the durability of the stand. The stainless steel construction can withstand knocks and bumps, and there are no plastic parts that can be easily broken.

Another benefit is that the stand is portable. It can be relocated to a new location where needed.

Finally, the visual look of the stand is another benefit. The elegant stainless steel finish adds a stylish touch and complements any building’s interior design.

The downside to the stainless steel stand is that it is pricier compared to the other types of dispensers.

The standing wipe dispenser is perfect for businesses such as high-end gyms and fitness facilities, healthcare centers, hospitals and office buildings.

Gym Wipe Wall Dispenser

The gym wipe wall dispenser is a great semi-permanent solution for facilities that require a larger capacity of gym wipes. Simply mount them on the wall in high traffic areas to encourage your staff and clients to use them.

The first benefit of using a wall dispenser is its size. For gyms where workout space is limited, the wall mounted dispenser is an excellent space saving option.

The next benefit is its affordability. Compared to the alternatives, the wall mounted dispenser is a cost-effective solution to keep your gym sanitary.

The final benefit is its durability. The wall dispenser is made from impact resistant material making it resistant to breakage and vandalism. It also has a locked hinge to prevent pilferage.

The downside to the wall dispenser is that it isn’t as portable as the other solutions since it requires you to reinstall the wall mount to the new location.

Wall dispensers are ideal for any type of gym or fitness facility.

Gym Wipes Buckets

Gym wipes buckets are a good solution for wiping down gym equipment, door handles, and other surfaces you may come into contact with. Strategically place them wherever gym members or clients may need to use them most.

The main benefit of gym wipe buckets is their portability. They can be used for sporting events, sporting competitions, and other outdoor competitions. For example, a powerlifting competition may need to use wipes to sanitize equipment after each contestant has used them.

The downside to their portability is that they are easily lost or misplaced.

Gym wipe buckets are ideal for any sporting facility or event, whether indoors or outdoors.

Gym wipe dispensers are available as stands, wall dispensers, and buckets.

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