What are Commercial Laundry Carts?

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You have a large amount of laundry to move from your commercial laundry room. How will you move it efficiently and effectively? Carrying the load in a hamper would be exhausting and time-consuming since you’d have to make several trips. Laundry bags aren’t much better either. This is where commercial laundry carts are an advantage.

What are Commercial Laundry Carts?

Commercial laundry carts are large containers that are made of durable material (such as polyethylene plastic, metal, or a canvas lining), that is mounted on wheels and has a handle for maneuvering. They make it easy to transport large loads of laundry from point to point. They’re often used by hotels, hospitals, commercial laundries, and sports facilities.

Benefits of Commercial Laundry Carts

First, commercial laundry carts are more efficient. You can transport a larger laundry load per trip than carrying laundry manually in a hamper. This increases the amount of laundry transported per hour and lifts the output of your workers.

Second, commercial carts make it easier to maneuver laundry loads throughout your work environment. Carrying heavy laundry loads is a potential hazard since collisions could occur, or workers could drop these loads causing injury to themselves and others. A commercial laundry cart eliminates this problem.

Finally, commercial laundry carts are more convenient. Rather than making several trips carrying laundry hampers or laundry bags, you can transport a large load of laundry in one go.

Types of Commercial Laundry Carts

Here are some of the commercial laundry carts that can be purchased through Texon:

Elevated Laundry Carts

Elevated laundry carts are ergonomically friendly because the body is elevated higher on a steel frame. This reduces the fatigue and strain from repetitive movements. They’re available in two options: A poly truck and a fabric truck.

Shipping Hamper

Shipping hampers are excellent for storing laundry items and transporting them to different locations. They’re available with two options: nylon that is coated with vinyl and yellow glosstex. The nylon is ideal for the laundry room since it has a smooth surface which prevents clothing from snagging on them. The canvas option is durable and prevents abrasions making it perfect for storage.

Dandux Poly Carts

Dandux poly carts are made of a top-quality polyethylene resin which makes them simple to clean and durable. They’re available as a taper truck, box truck, and bulk truck.

Dandux Extra Duty Cart

The dandux extra duty laundry cart enables you to transport a large amount of laundry since it has a capacity limit of 24 bushels. Use it to move large amounts of linen, towels, and clothing.