6 Gym Towel Storage Ideas for Your Business

Gym Towel Storage Blog Post

Providing towel service in your gym is beneficial for customer satisfaction, but it doesn’t come without a price. Dealing with a large inventory of gym towels can be overwhelming if you don’t have a process for presenting and storing them. Without proper storage solutions, your gym can become disorganized and messy, in turn lowering your customer satisfaction.

To keep your business organized and running smoothly, here are six gym towel storage ideas:

Shelf Unit With Towel Drop Cabinet

Shelf units with an integrated towel drop cabinet are an ideal gym towel storage solution for your locker room. Place them next to your locker units to give convenient access to your towels. The open shelves provide storage space for clean rolled towels, while the towel drop cabinet receives used towels.

Towel Baskets

Towel baskets are a popular way to store towels because of their versatility. You can place them anywhere in your gym, whether it’s the workout area or the bathroom. Stack rolled up towels into your basket or place folded towels into a square basket to keep your gym neat and tidy.

Floor-Standing Storage Ladder

Storage ladders are handy if you frequently change the layout of your gym. They can be moved to different locations to fit around your gym equipment. Different sized gym towels can be placed on each level of the ladder making it perfect for keeping organized. For example, smaller hand towels can be placed on top while larger bath towels are on the bottom.

Combine storage ladders with containers such as baskets to create both a neat and stylish storage solution.

Vertical Shelves

Vertical shelving towers are excellent for saving space. If you have limited floor space, a shelving unit that rises vertically is ideal as opposed to a horizontal unit. Shelving towers allow you to place rolled gym towels for storage, while a wall spine unit is great for storing folded towels.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be placed anywhere in your gym to provide additional storage space for your towels. Strategically place them where your gym members have an immediate need for a towel such as next to a bathroom mirror, close to the showers, or on top of the vanity area.

Laundry Carts

Do you need a place to store used gym towels? Laundry carts are an ideal solution for collecting used towels for cleaning. Some carts have closing lids which prevent odors from spreading in your gym. They are also great for transporting towels from point to point, whether they are clean or used.

Keep your business organized and running smoothly with these six gym towel storage ideas. Now that you’ve got a few ideas on how to store gym towels, stock up on them with Texon Towel.