5 Ways to Preserve the Life of a Commercial Laundry Cart

Preserve Laundry Cart Blog Post

Commercial laundry carts are great assets to your business. They improve your worker’s productivity and make their work-life easier. Since they’re such a great investment into your business, it makes sense to take care of them to maximize their lifetime use. Here are five ways to preserve the life of your commercial laundry cart:

Add a Washable Liner

Stains at the bottom of your cart can be a hassle to clean, especially with a poly cart, which will need to be sprayed down with water and then drained. Washable liners make cleaning your cart easy, saving you time and unnecessary effort.

Simply remove the laundry liner and throw it in the washer to prevent permanent stains and preserve the life of your laundry cart.

Routinely Clean and Wash Poly Cart

Although washable liners help preserve your laundry cart, it still needs to be routinely cleaned and disinfected. It will develop an unpleasant odor and become unhygienic if you neglect to do this.
To wash your poly truck, follow these three steps:

  1. Mix baking soda and hot water together, using the measurement of 1 cup per gallon.
  2. Scrub down your poly truck with a soft bristle brush using this mixture.
  3. Rinse off with water and then leave your cart outside to dry off.

To disinfect your poly cart, add pine oil or chlorine bleach to the mixture in step 1. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your skin from these chemicals.

Regularly Wash Fabric Bag With Your Canvas Laundry Cart

Canvas laundry carts have a removable fabric bag making it easy to wash, though this doesn’t mean it always gets washed! The fabric bag collects moisture which leads to the development of mold and musty odors.

To keep it in good condition, regularly wash the fabric bag with hot/warm water using a heavy duty detergent. Once washed, allow the fabric bag to dry before using it.

Adhere to Weight Limits

Weight limits for loads placed in a laundry cart exist for a reason. Exceeding the limit damages a laundry cart’s body, causing cracks to appear. Fabric bags rip due to excess weight and the castor wheels break also. All of this shortens the lifespan of your laundry cart.

To preserve the life of this vital piece of equipment, be aware of the weight limits and stick to them.

Prevent and Minimize Damage from Collisions

Collisions cause damage to your laundry cart and other equipment in your workplace. Not to mention, they are also a risk for workplace health and safety. To keep them from happening, first manage the flow of traffic in your workplace by identifying the direction that people can travel.

Next, keep pathways clear from debris and rubbish which may cause a cart to topple.

Finally, minimize the damage from minor collisions by adding non-marking bumpers to your cart to protect your walls and other equipment.

By following these five steps, you will be able to preserve the life of your commercial laundry cart and get the most out of your investment.

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