3 Reasons You Need Industrial Laundry Carts With Wheels

Cart With Wheels Blog Post

Businesses from warehouses to laundromats need to transport large loads from one place to another on a daily basis. While a laundry hamper might suffice at home, it isn’t efficient for transporting a high volume of towels, packages, etc. This is where industrial laundry carts are a major advantage.

Here are three reasons your business needs industrial laundry carts with wheels:

They’re More Efficient

An industrial laundry cart with wheels helps your business operate more efficiently. The carts allow you to transport a larger load per trip when compared to carrying laundry hampers or canvas bags. In turn, this increases the amount of laundry transported per hour and lifts worker productivity.

All of this leads to higher output from your workers and quicker delivery times, which is beneficial for both your business and your customers.

The Dandux poly bulk truck is an excellent example of a laundry cart that will boost the efficiency of your business. The cart has a V-shaped opening on the side for easy access and has a capacity of up to 47 bushels.

They’re Easier To Maneuver

An industrial laundry cart makes it easier to maneuver loads in your work environment. It’s a potential hazard for two workers to carry a heavy load from point to point, especially around tight corners or across long distances.

Without a laundry cart, collisions could occur around tight corners and employees could drop a heavy load due to fatigue across long distances, causing injury to themselves and possibly others.

By using an industrial laundry cart, you can easily maneuver loads around tight corners and across long distances while reducing the risk of injury to your work force.

They’re More Convenient

Laundry carts make manual handling more convenient. You can transport a heavy load in one cart instead of carrying several objects from point to point. For example, bags of soiled laundry or boxes of laundry supplies, such as detergent, can all be transported by placing them in a laundry cart.

If you need to move heavy loads, then the Dandux extra duty laundry truck is an ideal solution. The cart has been reinforced at all the critical wear points and has a capacity of up to 24 bushels.

Industrial laundry carts with wheels transport loads more efficiently, make it easier to maneuver them, and are more convenient than manually carrying them.

If you are looking to add a few industrial laundry carts with wheels to your equipment arsenal, take a look at our selection.