12x12 Tan Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Red Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Pink Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Maroon Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Lavender Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Ivory Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Gray Color Premium Washcloth Grey12x12 Sage Green Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Black Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Aqua Blue Premium Washcloth12x12 Porcelain Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Navy Blue Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Sky Light Blue Color Premium Washcloth Grey12x12 Brown Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Hunter Dark Green Color Premium Washcloth12x12 Yellow Premium Washcloth12x12 Gold Premium Washcloth12x12 Purple Premium Washcloth Violet12x12 Wash Cloth Lime12x12 Wash Cloth Orange12x12 Wash Cloth Royal Blue
12x12 Wash Cloths Colors
12x12 Tan Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Red Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Pink Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Maroon Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Lavender Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Ivory Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Gray Color Premium Washcloth Grey
12x12 Sage Green Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Black Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Aqua Blue Premium Washcloth
12x12 Porcelain Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Navy Blue Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Sky Light Blue Color Premium Washcloth Grey
12x12 Brown Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Hunter Dark Green Color Premium Washcloth
12x12 Yellow Premium Washcloth
12x12 Gold Premium Washcloth
12x12 Purple Premium Washcloth Violet
12x12 Wash Cloth Lime
12x12 Wash Cloth Orange
12x12 Wash Cloth Royal Blue

12×12 Premium Color Washcloths – 1 lb/dz


Choosing “1” quantity equates to one dozen.

Dozen 1-4 5-10 11-20 21+
Price $10.95 $9.95 $8.95 $7.95


Texon Towel brand color wash cloths are made of premium 100% ring-spun cotton. Our 16S single-pile terry cloth washcloth is gentle, soft and absorbent. The cotton material in which they are fabricated assures an easy wash and dry, and remains soft and comfortable even after repeated washing.

Fade-resistant VAT dying process provides attractive, vibrant, long-lasting colors.  These are a quality fabrication with heavier weight.  Made of 100% looped-terry cotton for strength, high absorbency, and fast drying.  Soft enough for use on the face and body but strong enough for general cleaning purposes.

Dozens 1-4 5-10 11-20 21+
Price $10.95 ea $9.95 ea $8.95 ea $7.95 ea
  • 12″ x 12″ Color Washcloths
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • 1.00 lb/dz
  • Many Colors available
  • Reinforced edges to prevent unraveling
  • Sold by the Dozen

Toss the washcloths into the washing machine and then into the dryer for convenient, hassle-free care and clean, fluffy results every time. With each wash and dry, the washcloths will continue to become even softer.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

Assorted, Black, Aqua Blue, Navy, Porcelain, Royal Blue, Blue Mist/Sky, Brown, Gold, Hunter Green, Kashmir Green, Lime, Olive, Sage, Steel, Ivory, Lavender, Maroon, Pink, Purple, Red, Beige/Tan, Yellow, Orange


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