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Texon Athletic Towel’s New Product Watch

Alligator Laundry Collar

   A Drying Loop for Laundry - Alligator Laundry Collar

Laundry Collar VideoTexon's new laundry strap with Alligator Clips utilizes strong teeth to hold socks with a firmness not found in other loops to date. Loop strap through all pieces of your uniform to keep them together. Save precious time and energy by not having to sort through the laundry finding everyone’s different lost socks. The attached sock clip is designed to hold 2 pairs of socks securely in an intuitive user friendly way. The Texon Laundry Collar with Alligator Clips is perfect for laundering high-school sports teams, collegiate team laundry, professional sports teams, military and more.

Texon Athletic Towel’s Spotlight Product

How Are You Protecting Your Student/Athletes from MRSA, Staph, H1N1, & Other Bacteria?

Stop MRSA• Eliminates the toughest equipment odors.
• Kills Bacteria on all surfaces
• Shown durability of over 90 days at a time.
• Prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria
  while combating the deterioration & discoloration
  of the protective coating.
• Safe, non-toxic, non-leaching and non-bleachable.
• Fast Acting - No Dwell Time
• Can be used on: Athletic Equipment, Gear
   and Footwear, including Mats,Protective Pads,
   Weights, Sparring Equipment, Gloves, Trunks, Laundry Carts, Helmets,
   Shoes and Skates.

Hurricane ES Package Special    |   Sani-Tizer Package Special

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Texon Athletic Towels made from 100% cotton. We have a full line of absorbent cotton athletic/gym towels available in a wide variety of sizes and thickness. Our athletic towels are sometimes referred to as Sweat Towels, Workout Towels, Sports Towels, Pool Towels, Barmop Towels, and Bath Towels. Our gym towels are high quality, superior absorption, machine washable and multi-purpose. These fitness towels are available white towels, color towels, and stripped towels to fit any budget. Our towels are ideal for Athletic Teams, Sports Clubs, Health & Fitness Centers, Professional Sports Teams, Training, Gyms Community Centers, Public Pools, YMCA, Physical Therapy, Colleges/Universities, Schools, Military Bases.

Gym towels are used to wipe sweat after workouts. Texon Athletic supplies superior quality gym towels in various sizes, colors and weights. Our gym towels are fabricated with absorbent light weight, high featured cotton. Our premium fitness towels are perfect for sports teams, gyms, fitness centers, beauty salons, day or resort spas, and health clubs. Athletic towels made from 100% cotton are available in different styles like screen printed, heat transfer printed or embroidered. We also customize athletic towels with the sponsors organization logo. Our aim at Texon Athletic Towels is to provide gym towels and workout towels to gyms and athletic centers at the best possible wholesale prices directly from our warehouse.

Texon Athletic Towel premium quality towels are made to manufactured to quality specifications. They feature 86% Cotton, 14% Polyester, and do not shrink as much as 100% cotton towels. Sports towels ideal for sporting events like, swimming, tennis, golf, tennis, basketball, football, rugby, hockey, baseball with highly absorbing quality. Our sports towels make great giveaways, promotions and fan favorite souvenirs.

Microfiber is a man-made material that combines two fibers, polyester and polyamide. Microfiber or microfibre refers to synthetic fibers. Microfiber apparel is often used for athletic wear, such as cycling jerseys, because the microfiber material wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry. Microfiber is also very elastic, making it suitable for undergarments. Microfibers were used by the military and many federal agencies. Products made with microfiber include Microfiber Miracle Towel, the Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth, or Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth, Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel, microfiber pad, microfiber mitt or microfiber glove.

Texon Athletic Towel is a leading laundry carts distributor serving Professional Athletics, Schools, Colleges, Healthcare, Hospitality & Material Handling Industries. Laundry carts are different from laundry hampers as they are often slightly larger and have wheels for pushing. Our standard laundry carts, Economy Laundry Carts, Elevated Laundry Carts and Large Capacity Laundry Carts are best sellers in the laundry cart industry. In addition to laundry carts we have a full line of Laundry Trucks, Laundry Hampers, Laundry Poly Trucks, Canvas Bulk Basket Trucks, Vinyl Bulk Basket Trucks, Hopper Front Plastic Bulk Trucks, Shipping Hamper Trucks, Elevated Basket Bulk Trucks, Plastic Box Trucks and Hamper Basket Liners.

Texon Athletic Towel premium Mesh Athletic Laundry Bags include drawstring closure with cord lock, rubber tie laundry bags, zipper laundry bags including name tag. Texon Athletic industrial mesh laundry bags are made with the finest craftsmanship, ensuring quality performance and durability. Our heaviest weight mesh laundry and equipment bag with draw cord, sliding closure lock and write-on ID tag are suitable for screen printing. Our mesh bags are also called nylon mesh laundry bags, mesh laundry bags drawstring, mesh laundry bag delicates, laundry mesh wash bags, mesh laundry sock bag.