3 Must-Have Items For Gym Owners

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3 Must-Have Items Gym Owners Should Provide

Running a successful gym is not easy. There are many items to consider if you want to attract new members and keep existing members happy. Purchasing a wide variety of gym equipment that meets your members’ fitness needs is a major part of this.

However, there is more to running a successful gym than providing treadmills, ellipticals, and barbells. Besides the gym equipment, here are three essential items that are needed in every gym:

Gym Wipes

Sweat builds up on gym equipment and high traffic surfaces in your gym as members use them throughout the day. It can be unpleasant to use the equipment if you see a puddle of someone else’s sweat on the bench or handles of equipment. Gym wipes are a convenient way to clean away sweat, dirt and body oils. It keeps your equipment clean and gets rid of bad odors, making gym wipes a must-have item for your gym.

Gym wipes also disinfect all surfaces of your gym equipment. Your gym can be contaminated with viruses, especially during flu season, and they can survive on surfaces for up to several hours. Also, other unhealthy bacteria such as MRSA or staph can last even longer. This is another reason why antibacterial gym wipes are a must-have item for your gym because they sanitize your equipment and keep your gym hygienic.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are a must-have item for your gym members because of the convenience that a towel service provides. Oftentimes gym members don’t have time to return home for a shower, so having bath towels available helps save their time.

Bath towels are also handy for use in the sauna. Members will need at least 3 bath towels: one to sit/lay down on, one to wear and one to dry off afterward. Making bath towels available for use in your sauna is a premium level of service, so they are a must-have item for upscale facilities.

Hand Towels

As your gym members work out, their hands become sweaty and droplets can fall onto handlebars of gym equipment. Not only is this unhygienic, it affects the safe use of the equipment since the handle bars become slippery. Making hand towels available to gym members allows them to wipe down their hands and the equipment after use.

Providing the right equipment is vital for attracting new members and keeping existing members happy. Other than gym equipment, three must-have items that gym owners should provide are bath towels, hand towels, and gym wipes. These items are all available through Texon Athletic towel.

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