How Often Should I Buy New Gym Towels?

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How Often Should I Buy New Gym Towels?

Successful gym owners know that providing their members with all the equipment they need for their workout is essential for keeping them happy and returning to their gym. This is why many gyms provide towel service since it’s a convenient solution for their member’s workout needs.

However, maintaining the condition of these towels is sometimes overlooked. If gym towels become old and worn, it reflects badly on your gym and puts off members who use your towels. It’s important to periodically replace your gym towels to continue providing quality service to your members.

Why Do I Need To Buy New Towels?

As mentioned earlier, providing gym towels that are dirty, worn and threadbare will put off members in your gym. It will give the impression that your gym is cutting corners and not providing a good level of service.

Also, old towels gradually develop a musty odor that can’t be erased even after washing. This is why you need to periodically buy new towels for your gym.

How Often Should I Buy New Towels?

Generally, new gym towels should be bought every six months. However, this will depend heavily on how often they are used, washed and dried. On the one hand, a high traffic gym might use and wash an entire load of gym towels on a daily basis, so their towels might have a shorter lifespan due to wear and tear.

On the other hand, a smaller gym might not have a full load to wash for a few days and so their towels may last longer. You will need to periodically inspect the condition of your towels to see if they need replacing sooner or later.

How To Tell When I Should Buy New Towels?

You should replace your towels if either of the following two things happens:

  1. Your towels have lost their absorbency and softness. When towels are washed and dried, they lose fibers. Over time this loss of fibers means they lose their softness and cannot absorb moisture as well as they used to.
  2. Your towels develop a bad odor. If your towels have a mildew-like smell even after washing, it’s time to replace them.

How Many Uses Before I Wash And Replace A Gym Towel?

Gym towels need to be washed after every use. This applies to all types of towels whether they are bath towels, hand towels, face towels or washcloths. Although an individual person might be able to use a bath towel more than once, it isn’t practical nor hygienic in a gym environment with multiple gym members. Ensure that your gym members have a place to deposit used towels, and have your staff collect towels for the laundry.

Buying new gym towels is essential for continuing to provide a quality towel service to your gym members. Texon Athletic has a wide selection and has every towel that your towel service needs. If your towels are reaching the end of their life, stock up.