4 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Commercial Laundry Cart

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You’re looking to add commercial laundry carts to your equipment arsenal and want a quality cart at a reasonable price. You want to avoid wasting time on overpriced equipment that can break down easily. To help you make the right choice for your business, here are 4 things to look for when purchasing a commercial laundry cart:

1. Easy to Assemble or is Pre-Assembled

Assembling one commercial laundry cart can be time-consuming, let alone an entire fleet of carts! This is why you should look for laundry carts that are easily assembled or pre-assembled.

Some suppliers provide a technician to do the assembling for you. This will save you the hassle of doing it yourself so that you can get back to running your business

2. Durability/Sturdiness

You want all your equipment purchases to be durable and built to last, and commercial laundry carts are no exception. To check for durability, inspect the body and frame of the cart.

Ensure the body of the cart is made from a tough material that can withstand knocks and bumps. This could be a high-quality poly-resin, steel wire, or canvas material. Check for a quality steel frame. If purchasing a heavy duty cart, look for a reinforced frame.

The body of all Texon’s laundry carts are made from high-quality durable materials such as steel wire, poly, and canvas.

3. Capacity

On the one hand, high volume environments need carts that are large enough to meet their demands. On the other hand, a large commercial laundry cart would be overkill for lower volume environments. Select a cart with adequate capacity for your needs.

Texon has commercial laundry carts with capacities ranging from 2 bushels to 47 bushels.

4. Easy to Maneuver and Steer

A laundry cart that is easy to maneuver will help prevent collisions that damage your premises and equipment. Carts with handles and high quality castor wheels are easy to steer. Some may have bumpers on the body of the cart to minimize damage to walls.

What Type of Laundry Cart Do I Need?

Pick and packing items?

Whether you’re picking items from the shelves to process orders in a clothing warehouse, or processing finished orders in a commercial laundry, you’ll need a cart that is at the level of a counter to help with processing items.

Elevated laundry carts are perfectly suited for this and are available in poly, wire, and canvas.

Transporting Soiled Items or Waste?

If transporting soiled items, then you’ll need a cart that has a sealed body capable of containing liquid. Poly-carts are perfect for this scenario.

They also have drainage plugs making it easy to clean. Just hose them down with water and drain them in the open to dry.

Texon has poly carts available as a taper, box, bulk, and elevated.

Using Carts For Materials Handling?

If you’re handling materials or goods you’ll need a cart with an opening that makes retrieving larger items easy. The poly bulk truck has a V-shaped opening on the side that provides easy access for handling goods and materials. Another cart that provides easy access for handling larger items is the front load wire laundry cart.

Transporting Heavy Items?

If transporting heavy items you’ll need an extra duty laundry cart. They have a capacity of up to 24 bushels and are made from a sturdy steel frame that can withstand a heavy load.