3 Ways Custom Football Towels Bring Your Team Together

Football Towel Team Blog Post

You want your football team to display great teamwork. You want the star players to committ to the team. And you need to have camaraderie among its members. How does a coach foster this kind of environment and bring his team closer together?  Read on to find out 3 ways that custom football towels bring your team together.

1. Promotes Team Spirit

Team spirit is important in any sporting environment where cooperation among members is crucial to achieve a team goal. This is especially true in football; where the entire team’s goal is driving the ball forward to the end zone.

Promoting team spirit within a football team starts with fostering the right team culture. This involves open and honest communication, positive attitudes, and ensuring team members fit in with the team culture.

A simple way to ensure all team members fit in is to provide team gear (such as football towels) in the team’s colors. This builds an instant connection with team members and promotes teamwork.

2. Shows Investment In The Team

An issue that football teams often face is the loss of star players or key team members to rival teams. This can affect team morale and the ongoing success of a team. This is why it’s important for team members to show their investment to a football team.

By showing that they are committed, it keeps the overall team morale high and makes them believe in the team’s vision for success. Wear your team’s colors is a way to show support for your team. It’s an overt way of displaying their loyalty and allegiance to a team (and ultimately that they are invested in the team for the long-term)

3. Creates Camaraderie

Camaraderie is trust and friendship that builds over time with people who spend a lot of time together. For football teams, camaraderie will naturally build over the course of a football season, as well as pre-season training. To help maintain this camaraderie and sense of unity, you can provide custom football towels to your team members. Customizations such as the team logo, nicknames, and football numbers help keep the team together as a close-knit unit. This translates into better teamwork on the field.

Ways To Customize Football Towels

Here are 4 ways you can customize a football towel with Texon:

  1. Placing a player’s jersey number or name onto the towel
  2. Embroidering your team’s logo onto the towel
  3. Selecting one of the 6 different towel colors: black, white, pink, red, purple, and blue.
  4. Id tag – write the player’s nickname, name, or jersey number.

Custom football towels bring your team together by promoting team spirit, showing investment in your team, and creating camaraderie among team members.