Football Towel Buying Guide

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Are you purchasing football towels for your team? They’re crucial for maintaining your player’s grip and ability to handle the ball. One slip up or fumble of the ball could cost you the game. This is why you want to get the best towels available for your team. But, how do you know what are the best football towels?

To help you with your purchase, here are 3 things you need to look for when buying football towels:


Moisture builds up in a player’s hands throughout a game or during practice, due to sweat or rain.  No player wants to fumble a ball or miss a catch do to moisture issues. Thus the reason the football towel you choose is important. Most of the D-1 Football programs use Texon for their players needs. Our thick 100% Cotton towels, that can absorb moisture for the duration of a game.

Accessibility During Play

As mentioned earlier, moisture builds up on player’s hands throughout a game making it important to have a football towel accessible at all times. However, it’s not practical to have a water boy run towels from the sidelines during a break in play.

This is why having a football towel that can attach to player’s belt is important so they can access it anytime during the game. It also prevents towels from getting lost during the game.

Custom Football Towels

While functional benefits such as absorbency and accessibility are important, aesthetic benefits such as towel customizations are great too. They’re a great way for both players and schools to show their logo on the football towel. Your players can wear them during the game, while your fans can use them as rally towels.

Texon Athletic Towel can  add your team logo, jersey number, or player name. Also, look for suppliers that offer towels in different color options.

About Texon’s Football Towels

Texon’s football towels offer all three benefits of absorbency, accessibility, and customization. First, Texon only offers towels with highly absorbent material to keep your player’s hands dry throughout the game without losing absorbency.

Next, they come with a high-quality Velcro attachment for easy access during gameplay. This secure attachment ensures the towel isn’t misplaced or lost.

Finally, Texon allows you to customize the towels with your team logo, player name, and jersey number. Texon’s provides customization in six different colors: purple, blue, black, white, pink, and red.

Now that you know the qualities to look for in a good football towel: absorbency, accessibility, and customization. To get the best towels for your football team, shop football towels at Texon Towel!

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