Best Industrial Laundry Carts for Sports Teams

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Buying laundry carts for your sporting team? Then you’ll need to select a cart that meets the specific needs of your sporting club. To help you with your purchase, this blog posts covers 5 factors you’ll need to consider when deciding on the right cart for you.

Let’s take a look at the 5 factors.

5 Factors For Sporting Teams When Buying Industrial Laundry Carts


Consider the amount of sporting gear, uniforms, and towels your team uses in a week. This will determine the capacity of the cart you ultimately choose.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Hygiene and sanitation are important for sporting teams because of the high chance of spreading infections. Sports such as wrestling and football are especially at high risk. To minimize the growth of bacteria and fungi look for carts that have an antimicrobial finish.


Transporting heavy loads of team uniforms, towels, and sporting gear will take a toll on the body of the laundry cart. It will lead to increased repair costs and a shortened lifespan of the cart.

This is why you need to look for carts made from durable materials such as steel or poly. Texon’s wire carts are made from fully welded ⅞” heavy steel tubing and are guaranteed to last for life.


The amount of space at your team’s facility will have an impact on the size of cart you choose. If you have limited space, then you will need to look for carts with frames that are smaller or narrow.


The pathways in your facility affect how well your cart maneuvers. Narrow pathways with many turns are prone to collisions. Also, pathways with uneven surfaces with debris will damage the castor wheels, potentially topping the cart over. This is why you should look carts that have bumper guards to protect your walls and equipment. Also, look for high-quality caster wheels that don’t jam or cause marks.

What Type Of Laundry Carts Do Sporting Teams Need?

Do you need to transport large amounts of clothing and laundry?

Consider the large capacity wire laundry cart. It has a capacity of 4.5 bushels, which more than the standard cart. If you need a larger cart, the mega capacity wire laundry cart has a capacity of 6 bushels.

Do you need a sanitary way to transport soiled team uniforms and towels?

The antimicrobial laundry cart is ideal for this scenario. The antimicrobial finish prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria and keeps your sporting facility hygienic.

Does your sporting facility have limited space?

Consider the elevated laundry truck. It can slide under counters when not in use making it ideal for facilities with limited storage space.

Does your facility have narrow and winding pathways?

The narrow wire laundry cart has a narrow width allowing it to fit through smaller entrances and maneuver around winding pathways easily. It has non-marking bumpers which protect your equipment and walls from damage. The bearing raceway guard stops debris from being caught in the caster wheels preventing it from toppling over.

Now that you have a better idea on the best industrial laundry carts for your sports team, shop industrial laundry carts at Texon Towel.  If you have any questions regarding our full line of  Dandux, Steele Canvas, or Maxi-Mover laundry products contact Texon at 800-328-3966.

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