Wire Laundry Carts From R&B Wire Products

Wire Laundry Carts Blog Post

Looking to add rolling laundry carts to your equipment arsenal? Or are you wanting to upgrade your existing fleet of carts? Our new rolling wire laundry carts are the ideal upgrade to increase productivity. Read on to find out why our new laundry carts are a great fit for your business; regardless of if you’re a commercial laundry, sporting club, hotel, or healthcare facility.

Why Wire Laundry Carts?

So why choose wire laundry carts over other types of carts? The first reason is durability. Wire laundry carts are made from fully welded steel tubing giving it a greater tensile strength. It can withstand greater amounts of stress and pressure without cracking (like a plastic cart) or tearing (like a fabric basket cart). Saving costs on replacement carts in the long run.

Second, is the cost. Wire laundry carts are cheaper relative to poly carts with the same capacity. This lowers the cost of running your business.

Third, is heat resistance. The steel tubing wire carts won’t warp or wear down over time, unlike plastic carts.

Finally, wire laundry carts are environmentally friendly. They don’t release harmful chemicals since the metal doesn’t degrade over time. Once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan they can be melted down and re-used for other purposes.

Types of Texon Wire Carts

Mega Capacity

The mega capacity wire cart is perfect for businesses that need to transport large loads in one trip. It is the largest capacity wire cart available and has a capacity of 6 bushels.

Anti Microbial

The antimicrobial cart is highly valuable to businesses where hygiene is of utmost importance, such as hospitals and healthcare centers. The antimicrobial finish prohibits the growth of bacteria and prevents cross-contamination from occurring. This hinders the spread of infections and diseases.

Front Load Wire Laundry Cart

The front load wire laundry cart provides easy access to front load washers and dryers. This reduces the strain of repetitive movements reducing injury and fatigue. It also improves the efficiency of loading and unloading laundry. This is especially beneficial for commercial laundries whose workers do this many times a day.

Now that you can see the benefits of wire rolling laundry carts, consider upgrading to our new wire laundry cart.