How to Find the Lowest Cost for Gym Wipes

Gym Wipes Container Blog Post

Running a gym is like any other business — it’s a delicate balance between providing excellent customer service and keeping your expenses down for profitability. Maintaining your gym’s cleanliness and hygiene is the key to customer satisfaction, and providing gym wipes is a way to achieve this.

However, replenishing gym wipes can sometimes feel like an unnecessary expense – especially if you have a cleaning crew. It’s tempting to cut them from your budget to maintain your profit margin, especially when you have other expenses such as rent, electricity, and staffing costs. But members are likely to consider your gym unhygienic if they can’t wipe down the machines before and after use.

So, to help maintain your gym’s hygiene while keeping your expenses down here is how to find the lowest price for your gym wipes:

Breaking Down The Cost of Gym Wipes

To reduce your costs on wipes, you need to monitor the total cost per gym wipe. This involves totaling all the expenses from purchasing gym wipes (such as purchase price and shipping rates) and dividing this number by the total amount of wipes you receive. This will give you your total cost per gym wipe.

To minimize this cost, look at the following 3 factors:

Gym Wipes per roll

Generally the more wipes per roll, the better the bargain. Gym wipes normally contain between 600-900 wipes per roll but Texon offers gym wipes that contain between 600 to 1,100 wipes per roll.

Rolls per case

Gym wipes are generally purchased in bulk so they are packaged in cases for shipping. The more rolls per case the better the pricing –  since it’s more efficient for shipping and handling.

Shipping costs

Some suppliers offer free shipping, while others separate this cost at checkout. Other factors that affect shipping cost is the speed of delivery and the shipping provider.

Now that you understand the 3 factors that affect the cost of your total cost per gym wipe, let’s look at the different types of gym wipes available.

Types of Gym Wipes

Gym wipes are used for different purposes. Some gym wipes are used for cleaning away sweat and dirt, while others are used to disinfect and sanitize.

Advantage wipes are used for wiping away sweat, body oils, and dirt. It helps keep your gym clean and free from odors.

Antibacterial wipes are used for sanitizing surfaces. It contains an EPA registered disinfectant and it kills 99.9% of germs that cause illnesses.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the lowest cost for your next gym wipes purchase. Now you can maintain your gym’s cleanliness while keeping costs down.