4 Things to Consider Before Buying Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry Bag Blog Post

Are you looking to purchase laundry bags for your business? Choosing the right mesh laundry bags can be a daunting task when faced with the different types, sizes, and styles available. How do you discern a high-quality mesh laundry bag from a low-quality one? How do you ensure that you get a good deal on your purchase? And how do you know what type of mesh laundry bag is suitable for your needs?

Determining the type of mesh laundry bag to purchase depends on your specific circumstances. To ensure you buy the right mesh bags for your needs, here are four things to consider before buying mesh laundry bags:


The first thing to consider is durability. How long a mesh laundry bag lasts depends on how tightly woven the threads of the fabric are. The tighter the weave, the stronger and durable the mesh laundry bag is.

Texon’s mesh laundry bags are made from a tight polyester leno-weave mesh. The low yarn count of the leno weave makes it highly durable and have lesser yarn slippage.


The size of mesh laundry bag you use is determined by three things. First, the size of the items you place in them. There’s nothing worse than needing to wash a large delicate item, but only having a small mesh bag available.

Next, how frequently you do your laundry. If you wash your laundry regularly, a smaller mesh bag will suffice. However, if you do your laundry less often you’ll need a larger bag.

Finally, the intended purpose of the laundry bags. If you’re carrying or keeping small items together, you can use smaller mesh bags. If you’re using them to protect delicate clothing in the wash, then use larger bags.


The color of your laundry bag is another thing to consider. You could use different colored bags to sort certain types of laundry that need to be washed separately. An example would be separating colored clothing from whites.

Another thing to consider with the color of your bags is your brand image. Selecting colors that match your brand help present a consistent image to your customers and reinforce your business’s branding.

Quantity Available

The quantity of mesh laundry bags available from your supplier should be considered before placing an order. While a retail store might suffice if you’re purchasing small quantities for your home or personal use, if you’re purchasing commercial quantities they might not have the stock available to fulfill your order. This could bring your business to a halt if you don’t have the necessary amounts to serve your customers, for example, if you are a commercial laundry business.

Before buying laundry bags, consider their durability, size, color, and quantity available.