4 Things to Look for When Buying Locker Room Towels

Locker Room Towels Blog Post

Whether you’re a public gym, college athletic team, or corporate locker room, providing the best experience for your athletes and gym members is a top priority. This means supplying them with everything they need for their training or workout. An item that positively contributes to the overall experience at your fitness facility is locker room towels.

Gym towels help with gym hygiene, overall convenience and can help add style to your facility. This is why it’s important to have a fresh supply of high-quality locker room towels on hand at all times.

Consequences of Using Poor Quality Locker Room Towels

Poor quality towels affect your business’s image and reputation. They wear out quickly, are easily damaged, and are prone to stains. If your existing towels are frayed and have unsightly stains, it gives a bad impression to your gym members and athletes.

Next, low-quality towels lead to higher business expenses. Since they have a shorter lifespan, they need to be replaced frequently. They also produce lint which damages other laundry items in the wash. All these things lead to higher running costs for your business.

These negative consequences are why you should avoid using poor quality towels. Read on to learn tips for buying high-quality towels.

4 Things To Look For When Buying Locker Room Towels

Type of Fabric

An important factor to consider when buying towels are the fabric type. Cotton towels are the most common and widely available fabric type. Cotton-polyester blends have the added benefit of reducing shrinkage. Microfiber towels are made from engineered fibers and are lightweight.


The absorbency of towels is determined by their GSM (grams per square meter) levels. Towels with a lower GSM level are lighter, thinner and less absorbent. Towels with a high GSM level are heavier, thicker and more absorbent.


Many people prefer towels that have a higher fabric density (thicker and heavier) since they tend to last longer. However, these towels take longer to dry and are not easy to pack away. Towels that have a lower fabric density wear down faster, but they are light and easier to store and carry.


Higher density towels cost more initially, but last longer saving you money on replacement costs. However, some gyms choose to frequently replace their towel supply so they prefer an economically priced towel.

Types of Businesses That Use Locker Room Towels

The following businesses can benefit from keeping a fresh supply of locker room towels:

College athletic teams – be prepared with gym towels, whether they’re playing at home or away.

Collegiate gyms – having towels available at the campus gym provides convenience for both the athletes and students

Public gyms – towels add an extra touch to a gym’s level of customer service.

High school athletics – providing towels keeps both students and their parents happy.

Four things to consider when buying locker room towels are the fabric type, absorbency, durability, and cost.

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