5 Reasons to Buy Bath Towels in Bulk

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While purchasing bath towels for your business have you ever felt that the price you paid was a little too high? Or maybe the retail supplier you visited doesn’t have adequate stock to fulfill your order right away?

If so, then you should consider buying your towels in bulk directly from a wholesaler. For a better understanding on this, here are 5 reasons to buy bath towels in bulk from a wholesaler – such as Texon Towels.


The first reason for buying bath towels in bulk from a wholesaler is to access wholesale quantities. Retail stores are often unable to fulfill large orders of towels, and this can be a problem for businesses that require bath towels daily. For example, a day spa or hotel that needs towels for their guests.

By purchasing bath towels from a company with consistently large amounts of available stock, you will have sufficient quantities to keep your business functioning smoothly.


The next reason for buying bath towels in bulk (directly from a wholesaler) is the price. You will be able to buy at lower rates by purchasing bulk quantities directly from a wholesaler; in comparison to a distributor or retailer. Generally, these discount rates are only available if you purchase a minimum amount, so it’s ideal for businesses who require a large amount of towels on a regular basis.


If you’re a reseller of bath towels, then buying them in bulk will help you achieve a greater profit margin. Also, offering a wider range of towels will help with profitability. For example, offering different colored towels, varied sizes and fabric type options.


Another reason to buy bath towels in bulk is to get discounts on premium quality towels.

Obtaining discount rates with bulk purchases doesn’t mean you receive low-quality towels. You can get discounts on premium quality bath towels, which is another reason to buy in bulk from a wholesaler. This will allow you to provide a higher quality towel without putting a significant dent in your budget. An example of a high quality towel you can purchase for a bargain wholesale price is the premium white bath towel.


Buying bath towels at discounted wholesale rates will save you money when it comes time to restock your inventory. For businesses where towels need to be constantly replaced, it will lower your expenses in the long run – when compared to buying them at retail rates.

For example, hospitals or nursing homes would see large savings by purchasing in bulk from a wholesaler because their towels need to be constantly replaced.

Final Word

Texon Athletic Towel and Supply is a wholesale towel supplier that can provide bath towels in large quantities at a bargain price. Keep your expenses low and profit margins high by purchasing towels in bulk from Texon.

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