5 Reasons to Pre-Treat Football Towels

Pretreat Football Towels Blog Post

Throughout the course of a game, football towels are used for wiping away sweat, brushing away dirt, and cleaning blood from cuts and injuries. With regular use, they become stained, develop odors and are exposed to bacteria. If left unattended, your football towels will become unsightly and dangerously unhygienic.

This is why it’s important to pre-treat towels with Monofoil Antimicrobial. It will prevent stains, stop odors and inhibit bacteria from growing. Here are five reasons to pre-treat football towels with Monofoil Antimicrobial:

Prevent Stains

Towels aren’t only stained by sweat, dirt, and blood. They can become stained from the bleaching agents contained in sunscreen, acne cream or even some cleaning agents. Pre-treating your towels prevents these stains from occurring. Also, since pretreating with our cleaning formula contains no bleach and is colorless, unlike other cleaning agents, your towels won’t be stained.

Prevent Odors

The sweat collected on football towels can eventually develop into mold and mildew which leads to them having an unpleasant odor. By pre-treating, you will prevent bad odors from developing by stopping the growth of mold and mildew.

Also, unlike other antimicrobial agents, ours is odorless so your football towels won’t have a pungent chemical smell after they are pre-treated. Not to mention, avoiding mildew and odors will prevent you from having to reorder towels frequently.

Prevent Spreading Sickness

Football towels come into contact with other surfaces both on and off the playing field. Whether it’s contact from tackling other players, wiping away sweat, or from falling to the turf, the towel can potentially be exposed to dangerous microbes through cross-contamination.

Pre-treating your towels protects them against STAPH, MRSA, E.coli and H1N1. In doing so, it prevents the spread of sickness from cross contamination.

Stop Growth of Bacteria

Bacteria grows in moist and warm environments. Since towels are exposed to sweat while a player is training or on the field, it makes their football towel the ideal place for bacteria to grow. By pre-treating your towels with Monofoil Antimicrobial, your towels become a 99.99% sanitary environment and inhibit the growth of viruses, mold, yeast, bacteria and algae.

Protect Your Football Towels for 90 Days

Although disinfecting your football towels in the washer does kill bacteria, they are susceptible to bacteria almost immediately once they are back in use on the field. The towels will develop bacteria from the buildup of sweat and blood from injuries, and also potentially become cross-contaminated from contact with other surfaces.

Pre-treating your towels provides protection for 90 days from damaging microbes such as bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, odors and in some cases deterioration.

Monofoil Antimicrobial prevents your towels from developing stains, odors, spreading sickness and growing bacteria. Use it to pre-treat your football towels and reap these benefits today.

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