3 Ways Football Teams Use Mesh Laundry Bags

Football Mesh Laundry Bags Blog Post

Mesh laundry bags are used by a variety of businesses, from commercial laundromats to hotels and gyms. They’re typically known for being great for protecting delicate clothing in the washer and preventing small items from getting misplaced. However, football teams also frequently use laundry bags to help manage their equipment, team laundry, and practice balls. Here are three ways football teams can use bags to help organize their program.


Mesh laundry bags are useful for storing all kinds of football training equipment for practices and games. Smaller items can typically be placed together so that they aren’t lost or misplaced. Anything from helmets to practice cones can be lugged around with our large bags. Taking practice and game equipment from location to location is much easier when it is consolidated into an easy-to-carry bag.

Whether you need to pack practice pads or drill equipment, our 24 x 36 zippered laundry bag would be the best option for various equipment items. Mesh laundry bags can be used as a low-cost alternative to other equipment bag options.


Football teams also use mesh laundry bags to distinguish which player owns each item of laundry, especially at a collegiate level. Since football uniforms and gear can look similar, they can be easily misplaced in the wash. For example, football pants and socks are often mixed up since there isn’t much distinguishing them from each other.

To prevent this from happening, teams can put their laundry into a mesh laundry bag before throwing them in the washing machine. The ID tags on the mesh bags help players identify which uniforms belong them as they’re taken out of the wash. This helps save time and energy when cycling through team laundry weekend after weekend.

Practice Balls

All football teams need an easy way to manage practice and game day footballs. Mesh laundry bags make it easier to transport practice balls from one place to another. Whether it means transporting one set of practice balls to the other side of the field for drills or providing footballs on game day, team bags help keep all footballs organized.

Mesh laundry bags aren’t only used by commercial cleaners and hotels – they can also be used in the athletic industry at all different levels of play. These bags can be used by football teams for organizing team equipment, carrying practice balls and processing team laundry.

If you are looking for low-cost ways to organize your sports equipment, check out our selection of mesh laundry bags in various sizes and colors.