5 Ways Businesses Use a Rolling Laundry Cart

Rolling Laundry Cart Blog Post

Any business that works with vast amounts of laundry daily has probably used a rolling laundry cart at some point. They’re useful for transporting heavy loads of laundry from point to point in a quick and efficient manner. But did you know that a rolling laundry cart has purposes other than transporting laundry?

Laundry carts have a wide range of applications across different industries and can be used in ways that you might not have considered. Here are five ways businesses use a rolling laundry cart:

Mailrooms – Sorting and Transporting Mail, Packages

Mailrooms use rolling laundry carts in two ways: to sort mail and to transport mail and larger items. First, these carts are great for sorting mail into different classes. For example, a sorter could place express mail into a different cart since they need to be delivered urgently.

Secondly, rolling carts can be used for handling larger mail items such as parcels and packages. A Dandux elevated poly truck is ideal for this since it allows easy access to items, without having the fatigue of reaching and bending over to pick up items. They can be easily slid under counter for storage when not in use.

Warehouses – Materials Handling and Manual Handling

Warehouses can use rolling carts for handling materials, whether it’s for transporting them to the workshop or shifting them within the warehouse. They’re especially helpful for moving heavy materials such as metals. The heavy duty Dandux poly taper truck is good for this and can handle loads up to 20 bushels. The Dandux poly bulk truck can handle loads of up to 24 bushels.

Carts are also helpful for fulfilling warehouse orders. A warehouse operator can use a cart to pick items from the shelves and then bring them to the packing area, where the order can be prepared for delivery. The Dandux poly box truck has a rectangular shape making it easy to stack boxes inside it.


Gyms that offer a towel program for their members know that collecting used towels from the exercise areas and bathrooms can sometimes be a hassle. In high-traffic gyms, more than a hundred people could visit in a day. That’s a lot of towels!

Laundry carts make collecting used towels a lot easier. The Dandux elevated fabric truck has an elevated basket that makes it easy to retrieve items from the bottom of the unit. Just pick up towels from the basket and then place them in the washer.

Locker Rooms

Sporting teams can use rolling laundry carts to collect items that need to be laundered. This could include team jerseys, uniforms, socks, etc. Since one round of laundry for an entire team can be a heavy load to carry, a rolling laundry cart makes collecting laundry much easier. They can also be used to transport sporting equipment, such as practice balls and football helmets.

Schools and Colleges – Transporting Musical Instruments

Schools and colleges have multiple uses for a rolling laundry cart. The school’s music program may need to transport musical instruments for concerts and performances. Their arts and drama faculty may need to transport costumes and props. Sports teams could also use them for sporting equipment. For these scenarios, a Dandux Lockable Hamper truck is ideal. The lid is lockable to prevent theft of valuable items such as musical instruments.

As you can see, rolling laundry carts are used by different businesses for purposes other than laundry.

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