5 Ways Organizations Use Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry Bags Blog Post

Mesh laundry bags are a useful laundry tool to use for any business that provides laundry services or deals with large amounts of laundry on a daily basis. From sports teams and hotels, to dry cleaners, gyms and colleges, laundry bags have practical uses in all of these industries.

Here are five ways organizations use mesh laundry bags:

Sports Teams

Sports teams use mesh bags to help differentiate between each player’s laundry. Since team uniforms and gear look similar, it can be mixed up easily in the washer. By placing gear in a mesh laundry bag that has an ID tag, the clothing can easily be identified as it’s taken out of the wash.

Mesh bags are also useful for storing sporting equipment. Smaller items such as tennis balls, golf balls, gloves can be placed inside them and the hanging loop makes it easy to place them up on a hook.


Hotels that provide laundry services to their guests use mesh laundry bags to separate their guest’s clothing in the washer. Since they have potentially hundreds of guests on a daily basis, this prevents the clothing from getting mixed up.

They also prevent customer service nightmares by protecting the delicate clothing of their guests from getting damaged in the washer. Not to mention, mesh laundry bags can be used on hotel towels and washcloths to keep like towels together.

Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners often have to wash delicate clothing of their customers. These delicate fabrics can easily snag onto other items of clothing, such as a zipper, causing it to rip and tear. Mesh bags are useful for preventing damage to this type of clothing by providing a barrier between other clothing, protecting them from snags and rips.

Pilling is another potential problem that dry cleaners have with their client’s clothing. It occurs when the clothing comes into contact with abrasive surfaces, causing fuzzy balls to appear on the fabric. Mesh bags help reduce pilling on wool clothing.


Collecting used gym towels for washing is part and parcel of running a gym. However, keeping the laundry process organized can make your business more efficient. Stashing used gym towels in a large mesh laundry bag, sorted by towel type, makes it easier to manage various loads of laundry.


Many colleges and universities offer students access to fitness centers on campus. Keeping these fitness centers clean and organized is easier with mesh laundry bags. Similar to managing towels in community gyms, it becomes easier to manage laundry loads when towels are separated in mesh laundry bags. The university fitness center staff can use mesh bags to separate towels by type to keep their operations process efficient.

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