6 Types of Gym Towels to Buy in Bulk

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If you’re a gym owner, keeping your premises well-kept and maintained is key to maintaining a loyal client base. Part of this involves having clean towels on hand for your gym members, as they begin to sweat during their workouts. If the towels provided are old and worn, this could leave a bad impression on your gym.

This is why it’s wise to buy gym towels in bulk. Your gym will be well stocked with brand new towels to keep your members happily returning to your gym. Here are six types of gym towels to buy in bulk:

Bath Towels

Your gym members will want to hit the showers after a sweaty workout, so providing bath towels is a thoughtful service. Since bath towels are used frequently, it’s a good idea to buy gym towels in bulk to have enough clean towels available for use. Texon Athletic towels are durable and retain their original thickness and size over time, lowering the cost of replacing towels in the long run.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are made of ultra thin fibers, making them lightweight and quick to dry. They’re ideal for wiping down exercise equipment or cleaning other areas of your gym.

Also, since most microfiber towels are not chemically treated, they’re perfect for gym members with chemical sensitivities or allergies. This makes them a good towel to keep in stock when buying gym towels in bulk.

Hand Towels

Offering hand towels in your bathrooms instead of disposable paper towels could save your business money in the long run. This also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. It’s important to have many on hand in the bathroom, as they can be soiled from frequent use.

Hand towels can also be used by members to wipe away sweat on their face and hands, as well as keeping gym equipment and benches clean after use.


Washcloths are smalls towels used for scrubbing and lathering in the shower. Since they are used for bathing, it is a good idea to have a large supply of them. Buying these gym towels in bulk will cost less and keep your gym well-stocked.

Center Stripe Towels

Center stripe towels have a colored stripe featured on them which help with identifying which towel is yours. It also helps with loss control, as they are distinctively marked deterring people from taking them.

Buying gym towels in bulk saves you money, keeps your gym well stocked and your gym members happy. Browse our vast selection of Gym Towels in Bulk and reach out if you have any questions about wholesale towels for your business.

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