The Ultimate Laundry Cart Guide

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If your business produces vast amounts of laundry, and you find it difficult to transport it from point to point, then a laundry cart is the ideal solution for you. Whether you’re a gym, hotel, or athletic team, there is a laundry cart for your specific needs. Here is a guide to the four types of laundry carts available through Texon:

Dandux Elevated Laundry Cart

Elevated laundry carts are raised up on a tensile steel frame, so that they are ergonomically friendly. They are raised to a level that reduces the repetitive strain and fatigue that is associated with bending over to retrieve a load. The castor wheels make it easy to maneuver the cart, and help it slide under a counter if you need more storage space.

The Dandux elevated laundry cart comes in two different versions: Elevated poly truck and elevated fabric truck. The poly truck has a polyethylene body making it durable to knocks and scratches. Poly trucks can be used to carry soiled materials as there are drain holes at the bottom, making it easy to clean. Elevated fabric trucks are made of white canvas or glosstex. They are ideal for moving small loads over small distances.

Dandux Shipping Hamper

Dandux shipping hampers can be used for storing sporting various equipment including material in process, musical instruments and finished goods. The shipping hamper protects the cargo inside from dirt and dust. The permanently attached metal hasps on the lid can be padlocked to prevent theft.

red laundry cart

The body of the shipping hamper is available in two versions: Yellow glosstex and vinyl coated nylon. The nylon has smooth surface preventing items from snagging onto it, making it good for a laundry room. The canvas version prevents abrasion and is durable, making it ideal for dry storage.

Dandux Poly Carts

Dandux Poly Carts come in various shapes and sizes, with a range of capacities. They are all made from a high quality polyethylene resin making them durable and easy to clean. Use them to collect laundry items or store sporting gear such as helmets and shoulder pads.

dandux laundry cart

Dandux poly taper trucks come in two versions: standard duty and heavy duty. The standard duty version has a coated plywood base, while the heavy duty version has a reinforced steel base. The Dandux poly box truck is rectangular in shape, making it ideal for stacking folded clothes, boxes and packages. The poly bulk truck allows you to transport a larger payload per trip, making it efficient and good for productivity.

Dandux Trucks

The Dandux extra duty laundry truck has a large capacity of up to 24 bushels. Not only is it used by laundries, hotels, hospitals and athletic departments for transporting laundry, it’s also used by many other industries.

No matter what your requirements are, Texon will have what you need when you are looking for a laundry cart. Take a look at our entire laundry cart selection at Texon Athletic Towel.