Best Laundry Straps for Sports Teams

Best Laundry Straps for Sports Teams

Laundry Straps  are the most utilized way of doing team laundry for sports teams in the 21st Century!  High school, collegiate and professional sports equipment managers and coaches are always looking for better ways to improve their programs.  Having a way to clean your team laundry in the best manner is important for both hygiene and team image.  While athletes love to get dirty and work hard, stinky, stained and dirty clothes should occur while playing and not before!

The best laundry straps on the market are made by Texon Athletic Towel and Supply! Utilizing the patented product allows equipment staffs and coaches to organize team laundry in multiple ways.  Offered in 25 colors, team laundry can be broken down and separated by sport or even by need.  Lifting, Walk-Thru, Game-Day and Practice Loops area just a few of the ways teams will break up their laundry strap needs.

What make the Best Laundry Strap?  Several things set the Texon Laundry Straps apart……The alligator clips sock clips hold the athlete’s socks with a firmness not found in other products, such as the older style draw-cord laundry straps.  Equipment mangers expect clean gear after it is laundered, and they want everything to stay on the straps when going through the wash and dry cycles. Texon’s strap surpasses the competition in function and keeping the socks clean and on the strap.

At the University of Virginia, the football team saved almost 800 pairs of socks in their 1st year using the Texon Laundry Straps according to their equipment staff!  That is also 800 times that a student athlete did not come up looking for lost gear.  When you “Loop Your Gear & Lock Your Socks” whatever an athlete turns in they get back! 

Athletic teams love gear and the Texon Laundry Straps are great at keeping team laundry together and sorted. With our custom sublimated ID tags, the straps look and function better than ever.  Wash your athletes team gear all year without having to use a marking pen.  Texon takes your excel sheets and logos and makes magic happen!  Poof, a permanent ID solution for your teams- delivered to your door! No Sharpie parties, no need to try to read someone else’s writing.  Designed by Texon, approved by you, delivered, & ready to be put into use.  Contact the Texon team for more details or for a sample of our amazing laundry straps!

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