Ordering Basketball Towels in Bulk for your College or High School Sports Programs

Looking for basketball towels for your team, and not sure what you need?  You might have some questions that include: what size towel, fabric, and pricing should I look for? To help address these concerns and ensure you get the most out the next purchase for your team, here is the low-down when ordering basketball towels in bulk.

Towels For The Bench

Are your looking for towels for the bench or shower?  The most common two sizes for basketball bench towels are going to be the 22” x 44” option, which most of you will recognize as the size of a Gatorade or Powerade towel which often provided to athletic trainers or schools programs.  We do offer these in white, multiple colors, and white with center-stripes options.  The second most popular size is the 16” x 27” hand towel.  This size is a bit short for draping around the neck, but are well suited as sweat or hand towels.  We often see teams use these as a “one-and-done” during games.  Meaning, they are to be used by the athlete and then sent directly into the dirty hamper (remember dirty towels should never be shared by athletes!) The 16” x 27” sweat towel is also offered in white, colors, and center stripes.  For the bench area you really can’t go wrong with either size, but please do call the Texon Towel staff with any product questions.

Basketball Shower Towels

When looking for daily-use shower towels, in the college markets, we would recommend nothing smaller than the 27”x52” Basketball Shower Towels in size. If looking for larger player shower towels, the 32” x 66” bath sheets are quite popular with both collegiate and professional teams and can be customized with the embroidered numbers, names or logos by Texon.  Generally, high schools utilize economy athletic towels for players or coaches to shower which range in size from 22” x 44” up to the 27” x 52”.  If you have ay questions about items, please reach out to our Texon staff.

You Get What You Pay For

Towel pricing is generally follows the rule of thumb that you get what you pay for!  The cheaper the towel, the less weight and durability you will find as well as the material or weave may not be as tight on the lower priced items.  We mark many of our products as economy or premium.  The economy towels are usually a bit rougher than something one find in a home. While the premium towels are generally retail quality.

Choosing The Right Gym Towel To Buy in Bulk

To help choose the right gym towel to buy in bulk, consider the intended purpose of the towel, look at pictures, ask for samples if needed.  The most important thing is to ask the experts.  With over 43 years in the sports market, Texon Towel is the leading provider to professional, collegiate and high school basketball teams.