Basketball Towels for your Team

basketball towels

Basketball towels are a necessary item for teams, athletic trainers and equipment staffs.  The intensity of the basketball dictates that there is a ton of sweat generated by athletes while sprinting between baselines.  It’s almost certain that when you watch your favorite college or pro team play you will see basketball players getting a towel tossed to them during a timeout or when taking a breather. If you’ve ever played basketball, you will understand that it is one of the most cardio heavy sports there is.  With that comes a ton of sweat from athletes.  Basketball towels help. While basketball towels have many practical uses, they also play a major part in advertising team pride and spirit.

Taking team pride to the next level starts at the core, with the players. Show a little team spirit by customizing basketball towels to display a team logo, player number, or to advocate for a special cause.

How To Customize Your Basketball Towels

There are four ways to customize basketball towels with Texon Towel. The first way is embroidering the team logo onto a towel. Whether you’re a high school, collegiate, or professional basketball team, having your logo on your towels is an excellent way to represent your team and brand.

Next, you can customize towels by placing a player’s name or jersey number onto them with embroidery. Just select the color and font type and you’ll have a towel designed specifically for each player of your team.  This helps the players to have their own towel. (Remember we never share towels due to MRSA, Staph, Pink-eye and other bacteria.)

Third, is the color of the towel. You can select colors that match your school colors. Texon offers a huge selection of the most common team colors for you to choose from.

Finally, you can customize a towel with a sublimated id tag. This allows us to sublimate both your school logo and jersey number in the bottom corner of a sewn on tag.  A super popular option!

Benefits of Customizing Basketball Towels

One of the major benefits of having customized basketball towels is being able to represent your team’s colors. Having your team logo on your towel displays your support for your team, loud and proud. Along with the jersey, a customized basketball towel is a great addition to your team bench.

Another benefit of customized basketball towels is that they help players quickly identify which towel is theirs on game day. The custom sublimated id tag helps players to quickly pick out their towel. This is useful during a game when the timing is critical and fumbling around with towels could take away from valuable game time.

Lastly, customizing each towel helps with accidental misplacement of the item and keeps down theft. Sometimes towels can be mixed up in the locker room, in the laundry, or accidentally taken by another team member. The distinct team logo and colors make it unlikely for someone to mistake a towel as theirs.

Steps To Customize Basketball Towels

  1. Select the quantity of your towels needed. For customized towels, there is a minimum amount of 3 dozen.
  2. Select your color. Texon Athletic towel has over 15 of the most common team colors.
  3. Send us your artwork. Provide us with your logo, players name or jersey number to be placed on the towels.

If you have any questions about basketball towels or any other item we offer, please contact our Texon Staff at 800-328-3966.