Bulk Disinfectant Wipes: An Ironclad Solution for Eliminating Germs

Woman Cleans With Bulk Disinfectant Wipes

During the “new normal,” life has been anything but normal. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, cleanliness has taken on even greater importance, making bulk disinfectant wipes an essential tool for your sanitizing arsenal.

Door knobs.
Shopping carts.
Exam tables.
Digital displays.
Trash bins.
Light switches.
Conference room tables.

Germs live everywhere, and they especially like to linger on those surfaces many people touch throughout the day.

Whether you run a gym, hospital, hotel, classroom, laboratory, factory, healthcare facility, restaurant, or another type of bustling workplace where multiple essential workers interact every day, the task of creating a hygienic environment takes an amplified commitment to cleanliness.

One way to stay on top of eliminating germs that can cause illnesses is to use high-quality disinfecting wipes as part of your sanitizing routine. Read on for tips on creating a safer, germ-free work environment for your employees and customers with wipes that have the power to disinfect.

What Are Disinfectant Wipes?

Premium bulk disinfectant wipes, like 2XL GymWipes, are:

  • single-use/disposable
  • large, thick, non-woven towelettes
  • non-shredding (they won’t leave lint on surfaces after you wipe!)
  • ready-to-use and pre-soaked in an EPA-registered solution of disinfecting chemical ingredients
  • affordable
  • effective at killing 99.9% of microscopic germs, fungi, and bacteria

Bulk Disinfectant Wipes FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about disinfecting wipes:

Buying wipes

Why are disinfectant wipes so tough to find?

Most manufacturers weren’t prepared for the demand created by the coronavirus outbreak. Until the supply chain catches up, experts predict it may continue to be challenging to find disinfectant wipes in stock—especially wholesale—from most retailers until mid-2021.

Which is better for cleaning: disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray?

In terms of efficiency, a bucket of bulk disinfectant wipes is portable, making it easier to clean on the go. Disinfecting wipes are a hassle-free choice for all-in-one sanitizing. No packets, no sprays, no bottles.

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Which disinfectant wipes are best for hard surfaces? How about for porous surfaces?

As a general rule of thumb, most brands of disinfectant wipes are typically usable on all hard, washable non-porous surfaces. Some options, such as non-abrasive 2XL GymWipes, are even safe to use on LCD screens and plasma displays—without leaving micro-scratches and other damage—as well as materials like leather, vinyl, rubber, and chrome.

Before using any new bulk disinfectant wipes product, be sure to check for which surfaces its usage has been approved.

Using wipes

Do you have to wear disposable gloves when using disinfecting wipes? What about washing your hands after?

You don’t have to wear disposable gloves for general cleaning tasks when using most disinfectant wipes; however, some people with extra sensitive skin may have a bad reaction when using wipes and should wear gloves if they find them irritating. Alternatively, others may opt to wear gloves when using disinfecting wipes to decontaminate especially dirty surfaces, like toilets.

When you’re done using bulk disinfectant wipes to sanitize, experts recommend that you wash your hands with soap and water to remove any lingering residue.

Can you use disinfecting wipes on surfaces daily without causing damage?

Not all bulk disinfectant wipes are the same. Only high-quality products can be used daily without degrading surfaces, such as 2XL GymWipes (which don’t contain any acidic ingredients).

The correct way to use disinfectant wipes

Wipe the surface until it appears visibly wet. Allow the disinfected surface to air dry. Then, discard the used towelette in the trash.

Note: If the counter you’ve sanitized is used to prepare and serve food, wipe it down with clean water after the surface has dried. This step will remove any residue left from disinfectant wipes.

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