Gym Wipes that Clean, Sanitize, or Disinfect: What’s Best?

5 Reasons to use gym wipes

When picking out gym wipes, have you ever wondered just how germ-ridden the surfaces you touch are? Germs live all over the place, but some are bigger hot spots for contamination than others.

In a Kimberly-Clark study of six major U.S. cities, researchers swabbed a variety of regularly touched surfaces. They found the dirtiest offenders to be gas pumps, mailboxes, smartphones, and railings. They even discovered that most public soap dispensers are coated in illness-causing bacteria.

With so many armies of dangerous germs—including those that cause COVID-19—potentially on so many surfaces, it’s more important than ever to really know if your single-use wipes are helping you protect your employees and customers.

Some cleaning products are generic and simply champion their ability to help you “clean.” Others get more specific. They promote their power to sanitize and disinfect. But, what does it all mean?

Keep reading to understand better the definitions of these common terms. Plus, find out what you should look for when picking out the best gym wipes to buy—especially if your goal is to improve surface hygiene and reduce the likelihood of spreading germs that cause illnesses.

The Difference Between Typical Product Descriptions

Sometimes, manufacturers put information on their labels that is helpful, but that’s not always the case. We answer common questions and break down what all the messaging really means.

When Gym Wipes Say They’re Good for Cleaning, What Does That Mean?

If you find disposable gym wipes described as meant for cleaning, this means manufacturers created them to get rid of grime, allergens, debris, and dust from objects and surfaces. Most often, this also means they are saturated with a detergent or soapy water. Cleaning wipes aren’t designed to remove germs. You can’t count on them as an option for stopping the spread of illnesses.

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How Do Disinfecting Wipes Work?

Manufacturers make disinfecting gym wipes with a combination of special chemicals with the strength to kill germs on high-touch areas. Scientists call these chemicals disinfectants.

To prevent the risk of cross-contamination, you should only use each pre-moistened disinfecting towelette once.

Note: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most disinfecting germs will eliminate a majority of present germs. However, not all disinfecting wipes kill all germs. If you have a specific concern, do your due diligence. Look at each product’s pathogen list. Use the information listed to determine which bacteria you can destroy with the wipes.

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When Should You Use Sanitizing Wipes?

When a gym wipes product says it sanitizes, that means it reduces the number of germs to what’s considered a safe level. For instance, some manufacturers formulate sanitizing wipes to meet public health standards for restaurants. In other cases, they create wipes for getting rid of germs in schools.

Always read the product details about the gym wipes you’re planning to buy. Make sure they do what you need them to do.

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