What Are Gym Wipes?

What Are Gym Wipes Blog Post

If you own or manage a gym then you know that cleanliness and hygiene of your equipment are important for keeping your customers happy. Not only is it unpleasant to see a puddle of someone else’s sweat on gym equipment before using it, it’s unhygienic too.

What Are Gym Wipes?

Bacteria thrives in warm and moist environments and the buildup of sweat, dirt, and grime on your gym equipment provides the ideal place for it to grow. Therefore, your equipment become unsanitary. There are potentially hundreds of members use the shared equipment daily. This is why gym wipes are an excellent solution for keeping your facility clean and hygienic.

Gym wipes are a disposable moist towelette used to clean away sweat and dirt from gym equipment and disinfect surfaces that come into contact with gym members. Since sweat and grime can build up on equipment throughout the day, wipes are useful for keeping your gym equipment sanitized. They are typically dispensed from a bucket or a dedicated wipes dispenser.

What Are Gym Wipes Used For?

As mentioned earlier, wipes are used for cleaning away sweat and grime that builds up on gym equipment throughout the day. Unfortunately, not all gym members clean up after themselves, so having wipes available increases the likelihood that members will wipe down the equipment after use.

They also help to disinfect/sanitize the areas of equipment that come into frequent contact with gym members, such as benches, seat pads, arm and leg-rests, chrome plating, hand-grips, steel and rubber surfaces, electronic panels and painted surfaces.

Benefits Of Gym Wipes


Our wipes advantage bucket provides a convenient way to wipe away sweat from gym equipment.  Place them in high use areas for easy dispensing of wipes since the bucket is portable. Each bucket contains 900 wipes.

Kills 99.9% of germs that cause illness

The wipes anti-bacterial bucket contains an EPA registered disinfectant that sanitizes surfaces to keep your gym hygienic. The disinfectant kills bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella choleraesuis keeping your gym free from harmful bacteria.

Cost Effective

Our refills provide a cost-effective solution for replenishing your supply. The advantage refill contains 900 wipes, while the antibacterial refill contains 700 wipes. Use them to replenish your wipes bucket, or fill up a wall dispenser.

Texon Athletic Towel wipes help to clean away sweat from equipment and disinfect surfaces that come into contact with gym members. They keep your gym clean and hygienic so that your members stay happy with their gym membership.

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