What Exactly Are Basketball Towels?

Basketball Team Towels

When we think of the needs of a basketball team and their staff there are several different towels uses and options that come to mind primarily team bench towels and shower towels.  While we offer many different colors and qualities of towels for these uses the sizes are generally pretty similar and we will discuss those below.

Basketball Bench Towels

Basketball bench towels are usually one of a couple of sizes.  The 16” x 27” Bench Towel is the most common size that we see teams use.  This would be the size of the middle size towel if you were buying a set at a retail store.  Also referred to as a hand towel we offer these in solid colors, white with center stripes and solid white.  From a quality standpoint, the solid color towels and many of the white bench towels we offer are softer yarn.  The center stripe towels we carry are a bit more on the economy side but will get the job done. Remember to not share towels!  Either make sure you athlete keeps their towel for reuse, or the best way is to use them and then they go into a dirty towel bin for washing.

Larger Basketball Bench Towels/Training Room Towels

The second size that can be beneficial to basketball teams is the 22” x 44” sized towel.  You might recognize this size as the same size towel that your sports drink provider makes.  It works well for a larger bench towel as it may be draped around the neck of your players.  In the training room, it works well for hot pack therapy and may also be used for cold/hot tubs, but a bit small for some players to cover well.

Basketball Shower Towels

For your team shower towels it really depends on your budget and size of your athletes.  Generally, for youth sports you can get away with towels that are sized 24” x 48” or 24” x 50.”  Once you reach the college ranks we do not recommend towels smaller than 27” x 52” for daily use shower towels. This is based on both size of athletes and the heavy washings that the towels will take.  Many of out larger programs like to go with our bath sheet options since larger players require larger towels.  These towels would be from 30” x 60” all the way to 35” x 70” with our heavily stocked 32” x 66” player towels as a crowd favorite.

In closing, we hope this gives you some ideas of the right towels for your program or team.  If you have any other questions about basketball team towels please feel free to give any of our towel experts a call at 800-328-3966. Thanks!