Dandux Standard Duty Poly Taper Trucks


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Dandux Poly Taper Truck

Dandux Poly Taper Trucks (also called “Poly Flare Trucks”) serve a variety of uses too numerous to document. Rotationally molded from high quality polyethylene resin, this durable and versatile truck has application in every industry from A to Z. Whether collecting uniforms or towels, recycling material, storing goods, moving parts and inventory or food production a Dandux Poly Taper Truck is on the job day after day and year after year. Easy to clean smooth interior surface with encapsulated hardware eliminates snag points better protecting unit contents. Everything from team uniforms to towels finds its way into either a Standard Duty Truck. Easy to clean interior.

The Dandux Standard Duty Poly Taper Trucks model (51-1200 Series) sports a durable coated plywood base on all models 10 bushel and above. Smaller sizes have the casters with thread guards mounted directly to the molded body.  Available Options: (Call for Pricing)

  • Straight Sided (Smooth) bodies available upon request.
  • Platform Lifts for easy loading and unloading. Mounted via “S” hooks and shock cords the lifts are available in a Glosstex covered metal frame (51-0128) or a metal frame with rigid plastic (51-0127).
  • Soft Cover Sanitary Cap provides protection from dust and dirt. (400087)
  • Rigid Cover made of lightweight high density polyethylene provides added protection during transport and storage.
  • Drainage Systems for easy cleaning or draining liquid contents.
    • Simple capped drain hole
    • Drain assembly with upright rubber hose that secures in place when not in use.
    • Optional “Ball Valves” for retaining liquids.
    • Optional drain racks
  • Fork Tube Pockets
  • Nest when empty to save space
  • Durable coated plywood base
  • Tow Packages
Model No. Dimensions at Top Height Depth Volume Casters Weight
51-1200-6 Inner – 29″L x 19″W
Outer – 32″L x 22″W
25″ 21″ 6 Bu. 2-1/2″ Std. 25 lbs.
51-1200-8 Inner – 33″L x 21″W
Outer – 36″L x 24″W
27″ 23″ 8 Bu. 2-1/2″ Std. 30 lbs.
51-1200-10 Inner – 35″L x 23″W
Outer – 39″L x 27″W
29″ 25″ 10 Bu. 2-1/2″ Std. 40 lbs.
51-1200-12 Inner – 35″L x 25″W
Outer – 39″L x 28.5″W
33″ 28″ 12 Bu. 3″ Std. 45 lbs.
51-1200-14 Inner – 39″L x 27″W
Outer – 42″L x 30 “W
32-1/2″ 28″ 14 Bu. 3″ Std. 48 lbs.
51-1200-16 Inner – 39″L x 27″W
Outer – 42″L x 30″W
34-3/4″ 30-1/2″ 16 Bu. 3″ Std. 55 lbs.
51-1200-18 Inner – 44″L x 28″W
Outer – 47″L x 31″W
34-3/4″ 30-1/2″ 18 Bu. 3″ Std. 58 lbs.
51-1200-20 Inner – 47″L x 31″W
Outer – 50″L x 34″W
35″ 30-1/2″ 20 Bu. 3″ Std. 65 lbs.

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Bushel Size

6 Bushel, 8 Bushel, 10 Bushel, 12 Bushel, 14 Bushel, 16 Bushel, 18 Bushel, 20 Bushel


Blue, Gray, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Natural


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