The Best Laundry Straps for Division II, III and NAIA Schools

Laundry Straps Loops

Are you a Division II, III, or NAIA coach or administrator looking for a great way to do team laundry? For over 15 years, Texon Towel and Supply has offered laundry straps, often referred to as loops, to professional, collegiate and high school sports teams, coaches and equipment managers.

 Since 2016, our Patented laundry straps with sock clips have been a favorite of equipment staffs at hundreds of college athletic departments. For example, in the Power 5 conference, all 69 schools utilize the Texon’s exclusively designed laundry loop with great success.  

If you are not familiar what makes a laundry strap/ loop different than a mesh laundry bag for team laundry, and what makes our straps different than the competition, please keep reading…..

Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh laundry bags were the staple of almost every single athletic equipment room and locker room for decades.  Typically made of polyester or nylon, mesh laundry bags allowed an athletes clothing to be thrown into an open mesh net bag.  These mesh bags had several different options for closures on the top, including laundry pins, rubber closures, Velcro, drawcords, zippers and recently also our Gator Clip Closure (the same clip we use to keep socks on the straps.)  While mesh bags are still utilized in large numbers the number are much smaller than even a decade ago. Today, a majority of colleges are leaving mesh bags on the bench. The best reason to dump your mesh bags is team gear will absolutely wash and clean better on laundry straps.  The second reason is the speed in which laundry can be done. Clothes move freely while washing and drying on laundry straps. They will dry in about half the time of a standard mesh laundry bag, and not look like they came out of a waffle iron! If you are like many of our smaller school programs, you are sharing laundry needs with many different teams or maybe even different school departments-your time matters!

What makes our laundry loop different?

While we were not the 1st laundry loop ever on the market, professional and longtime equipment managers praise our straps as a game changer for their needs.  Over the years, other loops have come and gone, offering cinch cords or small mesh bags attached to them. The cinch cord style can work well, but leaves the user the ability to not connect the socks properly.  This means that socks come flying off in the wash or dryer, leading to staff and student athlete frustration. The laundry strap with sock bag we invented with a former staff member, one evening, at a Big 10 school. We quickly decided that athletes would not un-ball their socks and would stuff them full into what resembled a pillow.  Thus, they would not clean and dry.

The Texon Laundry Loop

Utilizing the Texon Laundry Straps, socks do not have a chance to fall out of a cinch or be jammed into a ball in a tiny mesh bag. It trains athletes to place their socks flat on the sock clips and click the clip shut. It is either done right or wrong, with no in between.  They have thus looped their gear and locked their socks! The second major game changer was the launching of sublimated ID Tags. For a small fee, sublimated id tags can include information such as school logo, sport name, number and/or staff names. Our sublimation is clean and professional looking often taking hundreds of washes with success. Simply provide an excel sheet to Texon, receive your digital proof, approve, and production begins.  You can see an example above in the laundry straps pictured.

Texon provides laundry loop samples of our standard loops, free of charge to schools.  If you would like to place your order for standard laundry straps online, please do so here: Order Athletic Laundry Straps


Want to try a sample for your school? Click here to order  Samples of Laundry Straps

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