Z-Racks, 4 Signs You Need Them

Z Racks Needed Blog

Z-Racks, which are often referred to as retail clothing racks or garment racks are portable hanging racks that utilize a Z frame base. Normally, Z Racks have 4 all swivel casters.  One caster being on each corner for easy movement of garments. There are many different models and indeed some are built way better than others. Buyer beware, with Z Racks you very often get what you pay for.  It is a better idea to pay for a good z-rack than get the cheap one. I’ve personally witnessed on more than one occasion a lower quality z-rack go tumbling down or tipping over due to small casters and/or a narrow base.  Often the cheaper priced import racks are made of lighter gauge steel and will not hold the weight of the items on the racks, or hold up to your needs! A collapsed z-rack with a pile of clothes on the floor is not something anyone wants in their facility.  Z racks are super popular in the retail clothing industry and in athletic laundry rooms, equipment rooms and uniform drying rooms.

Organizing your Storeroom

If you have a storeroom that is full of inventory just sitting in corrugated boxes and you cannot tell what you have ready to sell, it may be time to invest in some z-racks.  After getting your inventory out of the boxes and on hangers it is much easier to see visually what you have. The z racks along with some hanger tags then allow for easy sorting by size and the transfer to your sales floor. Finding and using the right z-racks for any store is essential to inventory organization and helps drive sales.

You Don’t Have the Space in your Room

If your storeroom, or athletic equipment room is short on space, which so many are, z racks can make a difference.  Depending on the setup you choose for your z rack, there can be plenty of functional options added such as a top and bottom shelf, or multiple hanging bars, making your z-rack a double hanging rack. A double z rack is great for uniform jersey tops and bottoms, keeping them separated within your equipment rooms. The most popular length and height we offer is the 60” long and either 60” or 72” tall.

Z-Racks Save Time

Have the proper tools of the trade can make all the difference.  A carpenter without a hammer has a difficult task to build, and an employee in a storeroom without z-racks is going to be slowed town to a snail pace.  Z-Racks make inventory tasks much more quick and efficient than having a bunch of boxes piled in dysfunction.

Drying Uniforms Just Got Easier

If you are ruining your expensive clothing or jerseys by drying in stains think about hanging your clothes. Many equipment managers, student managers and coaches utilize z-racks to dry uniforms.  This really is the preferred way to go after working hard to remove stains from expensive jerseys. After a wash or two, utilizing z-racks to hang and dry uniforms is the way to go.

Whatever and wherever Z-Racks are used, they add functionality and versatility to the workplace. Check out our most  popular 5’ z-rack here.