3 Great Sideline Towels-Options From the Towel Experts

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Sideline towels or court towels are something that fans will frequently see while watching professional football or basketball games. These towels often come from your favorite towel supplier, Texon Athletic Towel and Supply.   Towels are widely used in many different sports, and in many different ways.  Our towels are used in football for wiping away sweat, or keeping footballs dry during a game or are saturated in cold ice water to cool down core temperatures.  In tennis, our towels allow players to dry off, or cool down during their match.  Keeping high level athletes comfortable and dry so that they can perform is the upmost importance for coaches and staffs. Great sideline and court towels are always good to have around.  Several great options for court or sideline towels include:

Our 16 x 27 Sideline Towels are a very popular sideline towel and is often referred to as a bench or gym towel.  We carry this towel in more colors than any supplier in the USA.  Offering so many color options gives you a wide selection of color choices.  This type of towel weight approximately 3.25 lbs/dozen and in constructed of 100% Ringspun cotton.

The 22” x 44” White Sideline Towel is another popular size and most people that have played sports know this size as the same size of the Gatorade or Powerade towels.   While those towels are terry on one side and velour on the screen-printed size, our 22×44 are usually full terry on both sides to grab the most moisture possible.  This size is popular for ball boy towels, and they can often be seen carrying the 22×44 sideline towel.

The Ribbed Striped Super Towel is another crowd favorite offering flat cam ends that may be screen printed, sublimated or embroidered. Measuring in at 22” x 44” this cotton-poly blend towel is often seen on golf bags, around the neck of professional athletes and on the sideline.  Offered in many stripe colors, this high end towel is a fabulous option when you need a quality towel option with the ability to apply your team logo or message.

While these are three popular sideline towel options, Texon Athletic Towel offers several hundred different types of towels fr every teams needs.  If you have any questions, please give us a call!