Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Cart

R&B Wire #201H/ANTI


Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Carts from R & B Wire can help an equipment room, laundromat of home keep bacterial bio-loads to a minimum and avoid cross contamination. In the hope of spreading less flu, MRSA, C-Diff and more.

The Antimicrobial powder option from R & B Wire creates the first ever wire laundry carts with an Antimicrobial powder coated base, basket and bumper that will inhibit the growth of bacteria.  This adds a new level of cleanliness by preventing bacteria from sustaining life on the surface of the carts.  The entire base, basket and rack also has an Antimicrobial additive incorporated into the coating for lasting protection.  The proprietary antimicrobial blend present in this coating is not only effective, but also environmentally sustainable.

Additionally, this cart’s antimicrobial bumper adds an additional layer of protection not only against microbes but also against damage to equipment and walls.

This NEW product line is offered in three size options – 100E/ANTI ( 2.50 bushel)200F/ANTI (4.50 bushel) and 201H/ANTI (6 bushel)  with options for double pole an single pole racks, all with our antimicrobial coating.

Amicrobial Wire Laundry Carts from R & B will allow any athletic department, laundry, healthcare facility or alternative environment to have the added level of protection to minimize bacteria while enhancing cleanliness. For more information contact your Texon Towel Representative at 800-328-3966.