Z-Racks and Clothing Racks, What you Need to Know to Buy Right!

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What Is a Z-Rack Used for?

A Z Rack is one of the most used types of garment racks used in retail stores and commercial laundry environments.  Utilizing a Z Base that makes it sturdy and more difficult to flip over. In 1976, Archie Solomon designed and patented the garment rack with a “z-shaped base” now known as the Z-Rack.

What Type of Z Rack Should I Purchase?

Z Racks come in different lengths and heights, but the biggest difference in Z-Racks comes to play when we talk about the thickness, or gauge of the material that they are made of.  The best Z-Racks for daily use that will withstand the heavy trials of a locker room, retail store, or laundry are going to be made of a heavy gauge material.  Made here in the USA, Z Racks from Quality Fabricators fit the bill if you are looking for a rack that will last.  There are cheaper imports available, but it is a you get what you pay for on most of those.  If you have ever flipped a Z-Rack, or had one fail because there was too much weight on it you will understand why you should look to purchase a Z Rack with a thick sturdy base, strong uprights, connectors and crossmembers.  Our USA Made 60” Single Rail Z-Rack can hold up to 500 lbs on a single hangrail. That’s a lot of weight!

While there are some import that heavy duty, most that we have replaced over the years just do not stand up to the quality that we find with the Z Racks that we now offer Made right here in the USA.

What Types of Industries Can Use the Z Rack?

Sports Equipment-Z-Racks from Quality Fabricators and Texon are used in locker and equipment rooms in every state in the USA. Hang and dry uniforms with ease and confidence. Need to move uniforms from the laundry to locker rooms, we have the solutions for equipment staffs and coaches.

Laundries and Dry-Cleaning- Z Racks help dry cleaners and industrial laundries with organizing dirty laundry, storing and moving clean laundry, and keeping the premises organized.

Medical- Garment racks are designed to keep medical uniforms clean and organized.  We specialize in heavy duty products for storing and moving X-Ray aprons.

Government and Military- Military uniforms, S.W.A.T. gear, Scuba gear, JROTC uniforms, police uniforms, space suits, are just some of the items that hang on Quality Fabricator garment racks.

Retail- Garment warehousing and transportation are our specialties.  We offer custom solutions at a fair value, quick turnaround, and low minimums from the best Z-Rack mfg in the USA.

Do You Have Questions Before You Buy Your Z Rack?

Many of our customers are familiar with Z-Racks, if you are not please feel free to give us a call at 800-328-3966 and ask to speak with your Texon Representative.  We offer many different base colors to match your color needs, as well as many size configurations to fit your space.

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