Gym Towels High School Blog

If you are a high school or middle school PE teacher, or coach sports and need towels for your program, but have no idea what you should be looking for, then this article is for you!  Since Texon Athletic Towel has been providing towels to schools for over 40 years, we can give you some help in this area!  There are a couple of different towel options that come to mind when thinking of locker room towels for high schools…Tips from the towel experts.

24” x 48” Locker Room Towels with Center Stripe

Our 24” x 48” White Towel with Center Stripe is an economy towel made of what is referred to as 10-Single Yarn.  Made of 100% Cotton you can expect most of these towels to lose a couple inches of length in the first several washes.  Since most high school students do not have waists larger than 40” this towel will cover the needs of most student athletes.   This locker room towel option comes in 4 colors stripe options:  Black Center Stripe Towels, Blue Center Stripe Towels, Gold Center Stripe Towels, & Green Center Stripe Towels

24” x 50” White Locker Room Towels

One of the most widely used locker room towels would be the White 24” x 50”.  This particular towel is one of the most popular towels in the sports industry. Primarily used for showering, we offer them in the softer retail type of yarn referred to as 16 Single-Yarn.  The weight we carry is 10.50 lbs per dozen, meaning a dozen towels starts out weighing 10.50 lbs/dz.  We recommend this weight, or frankly the towels simply will not withstand the amount of washes throughout the school year.  Many student athletes will appreciate the feel and size of this towel, while coaches and administrators will like the durability and cost/quality ratio.

 Locker Room Towels-Color Options

If your school is looking for good towels, not fabulous ones, for your high school teams or college visiting teams, you need to take a hard look at our Economy 24” x 48” Colored Locker Room Towels.  These towels have been utilized for years and are a great buy for any budget.   If you school does have a solid budget for physical education or sports, or feels that your student-athletes need something a bit nicer, that look no further than our own 27” x 52” Colored Locker Room Towels.  Offered in many colors as well as white, this size is super popular with our universities and even some professional teams throughout the country.  We offer over 18 colors in this size towel, so there is bound to be a color that works for you.  Want a color to match your school colors, or to separate colors by teams? This is a great way to do so.

If these 3 towel options are not quite what you are thinking, please feel free to reach out to us at 800-328-3966.  Our towel experts are available to assist finding the right locker room towels for your school needs.