Wholesale Gym Towels & 3 Things to Consider When Buying Them

Wholesale Gym Towels

When it comes to running your gym you have made a huge financial and time investment as an owner-operator.  Your reputation is likely important to you and you love what you do…It has its days, and we have ours too, but in the end, it’s our boat to sail!

Part of owning or running a gym is making sure the patrons feel welcome and important.  Considering this, we have to look at facilities, and under facilities comes keeping them clean.  Under keeping clubs and gyms clean comes towels.  Towels do several key things in your gym.

  • Wholesale Gym Towels offer patrons the ability to feel important! You don’t go to dinner without a napkin, and you should not be a gym that does not provide towels.  Your gym should make them feel that their membership matters.
  • Towels keep bacteria out of your facility! No gym operator wants to be known as the place to come to get sick. It also keeps sweat and grime off of your expensive ellipticals, treadmills and equipment.
  • Towels are a cost of doing business. Many of our long-time customers and friends recognize that in order to build a brand, and provide their members with the membership they want, and the feeling on exclusiveness.


Considering gym towels for your facility should be an easy decision and something most owners agree they need to have.  If you have any questions regarding buying gym towels in bulk, contact Texon Athletic Towel and Supply for more information.