Mesh Laundry Bag Sizing Guide

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Mesh Laundry Bag Sizing Guide

Mesh laundry bags are great for protecting your team uniforms from getting damaged, sorting laundry items and storing small sporting items. However, finding the right size for your needs can be puzzling when faced with the number of sizing options available.

This guide breaks down the different sizing options, features of each size, and how to determine the type of laundry bag that is perfect for your needs.

Different Sizes of Mesh Laundry Bags

Here are the four main sizing options available through Texon:

20” x 30” Mesh Laundry Bags

The 20” x 30” bag is the standard size for our mesh bags. These bags are large enough to fit most items, while still being small enough to fit in the wash. This mesh bag is a great asset for hotels, gyms, and sports teams.

15” x 19” Mesh Laundry Bags

If you’ve ever mixed up small items that are part of a set, then the 15” x 19” bag is the perfect size bag to keep these items together. For example, if you were washing football pads or helmet shells you can keep them together in one 15” x 19” bag.

18” x 24” Mesh Laundry Bags

Similar to the 15” x 19” sized bag, the 18” x 24” bag is great for keeping items together. The bag also features hanging loops, making it easy to line dry your equipment by conveniently hanging it.

24” x 36” Mesh Laundry Bags

This is the largest of our mesh bags. It holds up to 26 lbs of laundry (two weeks of laundry) making it an ideal choice for doing laundry two or three times a month. It’s perfect for commercial laundry services and sporting teams.

Assessing Your Needs

We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask to help determine the size of laundry bag that you will need:

What type of items will you place in the mesh bag?

The larger your items, the larger your mesh bag will need to be. Also, placing one small item in a large bag can take up space unnecessarily in the washer, so it’s useful to have smaller mesh bags on hand too.

How often do you wash your laundry?

If you regularly do laundry once or twice a week, then a smaller bag will suffice. The 15” x 19”, 18” x 24” bags and 20” x 30” are the ideal sizes for this depending on the size of your items.

However, if you run laundry cycles two or three times a month, you’ll need a larger bag such as the 24” x 36” bag.

What is your intended purpose for your mesh bag?

Mesh bags are used for different purposes and this determines the sizing you use. For carrying and storing small items, the 15” x 19” and 18” x 24” bags are suitable. These bags are also suitable for preventing items from getting lost in the wash.

If you own a dry cleaning business or deal with commercial laundry, then you’ll need to protect the designer fabrics of your customers from getting damaged in the wash. Also, you’ll need to sort starched and non-starched shirts for your customers. For this, the 20” x 30” and 24” x 36” bags are ideal.

Picking the right size for your laundry bag depends on the size of your items, how often you do your laundry, and the intended purpose of using a mesh bag.

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