Washcloths: Why Should We Use Them?

Washcloths Bulk Wholesale

Some people love them, some people don’t!  Are you one of those that love going to a hotel, resort or gym and you use every single towel in the room, but at home, you let your washcloth sit in a closet or on the side of the tub?  You are not alone….. Many people just frankly don’t like to do laundry.  We get it, but from a good hygiene side of things, washcloths are something that you might consider adding to your towel lineup.


Using a washcloth properly means that you probably are washing a few of these a week. Let’s say 7 per week, per person.  Reusing washcloths…Let’s just say we have all learned a ton in 2020-2021 about bacteria, bio-loads, and health.  Your friends, and probably your doctors would like to see you NOT use the same one every day! Oh, let’s also use them on our face first, before moving our way down…..

The good news is that are small, generally, 12×12 or 13×13 and pretty lightweight.  A few of these in the wash per week is about the weight of a wet t-shirt.  No big deal.  Most washcloths are 100% cotton and and made to match your towels in look and feel.

Washcloth Color Options

We know that white washcloths will show you pretty quickly if they are physically dirty, and bleach is a great way to clean your white towels.  That being said, dark colored wash cloths are also very popular and too may be laundered with detergent and if you like a color safe bleach.  At Wholesale Towel we have a selection of white washcloth options as well as colored washcloth options in both the 12×12 and 13×13.

Buying wholesale washcloths allows you to save money while still getting that durability you need for heavy use. In addition to a lower cost, other essential factors to consider when shopping for high-quality wholesale washcloths includes:

  • Absorbency: How well the towel soaks up water
  • Durability: How strong the towel is and how many washes it can withstand
  • Thickness: The thicker the towel, the longer it will last
  • Softness: Guests want towels that feel as soft as what they’re used to at home

Trust Texon For All Your Hospitality Needs

By purchasing wholesale washcloths directly from Texon, you’ll get a lower price in comparison to buying from a distributor or retailer.

These discount rates are only available when purchasing a minimum amount, so it’s ideal for businesses like hotels that regularly require a large number of towels.

We offer other quality products at competitive prices for all your hotel needs, like wholesale bathrobes, laundry carts, and mesh laundry bags.

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