Wholesale Hotel Towels: What Types of Bath Towels Do Guests Really Want?

Wholesale Hotel Towels

Purchasing wholesale hotel towels directly from a wholesaler allows you to save money while providing your guests with a luxurious stay. Adding extra touches can also elevate the entire guest experience and build brand loyalty.

Read on to learn how to choose high-quality, durable wholesale hotel towels that will delight your guests while keeping your business on budget.

Small Touches Create a Memorable Experience For Guests

People don’t typically bring their own towels on vacation because they expect that towel service will be available wherever they’re staying. So providing wholesale hotel towels to cover all your guests’ needs during their stay helps them feel more at home.

Guests want soft and clean bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths in their bathroom for a sanitary and comfortable grooming experience. They will also expect fresh gym towels in the fitness center if they decide to work out while staying with you. (Also, consider having gym wipes available to keep fitness equipment clean and disinfected between uses.)

Do your facilities have a pool or hot tub? If so, guests will be expecting premium pool towels to wrap up in after a dip. Providing brightly colored pool towels rather than just plain white is another excellent way to create a memorable resort feel for your guests.

With the extra money you’ll save by buying wholesale hotel towels, you can invest in more unique ways to customize your towels like:

  • Loops for easy hanging
  • Logo embroidery
  • Different colors to match your brand
  • Special designs or borders

Create a “Home Away From Home” With Premium Wholesale Hotel Towels

Gallup found that creating the right environment is vital to attracting new luxury and upper-upscale guests. Whether they’re traveling for business, a family vacation, or taking a long weekend, your guests want to feel well taken care of when staying at your hotel.

Sweating the details—like the quality of your towels—is essential to building loyalty and keeping guests coming back again and again. One of the best ways to create a clean, comfortable environment for your guests is to provide premium towels.

Your guests want to use soft, absorbent towels, and you need them to stand the test of time. Premium wholesale hotel towels will stay soft and absorbent, even with frequent washing.

Buying wholesale hotel towels allows you to save money while still getting that durability you need for heavy use. In addition to a lower cost, other essential factors to consider when shopping for high-quality wholesale hotel towels includes:

  • Absorbency: How well the towel soaks up water
  • Durability: How strong the towel is and how many washes it can withstand
  • Thickness: The thicker the towel, the longer it will last
  • Softness: Guests want towels that feel as soft as what they’re used to at home

Choose wholesale hotel towels that meet your needs as a business owner while delighting your guests with an experience they’ll come back for again—and hopefully, rave about to their friends!

Trust Texon For All Your Hospitality Needs

By purchasing wholesale hotel towels directly from Texon, you’ll get a lower price in comparison to buying from a distributor or retailer.

These discount rates are only available when purchasing a minimum amount, so it’s ideal for businesses like hotels that regularly require a large number of towels.

We offer other quality products at competitive prices for all your hotel needs, like wholesale bathrobes, laundry carts, and mesh laundry bags.

Give us a call today at (855) 401-7623, and let us know how we can help you.

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