Bulk Hotel Towels: How to Give Your Customers Luxury on a Budget

Bulk Hotel Towels

Creating a memorable experience for your hotel guests doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When you invest in quality bulk hotel towels, you can stick to your budget and still provide soft, durable towels.

Read on to learn how to spoil your guests with fresh, premium towels when they visit your hotel, and learn how buying bulk hotel towels can help you save money on your ongoing towel service.

Help Your Guests Feel More at Home

Whether they’re traveling for business, a family vacation, or taking a long weekend, your guests want to feel at home in your hotel.

Creating a cozy “home away from home” experience for your guests builds loyalty and keeps them coming back again and again. One of the best ways to create a clean, comfortable environment for your guests is to provide quality towels.

In fact, daily towel service is one of the most popular amenities for hotel guests. According to a survey by Lodging Magazine, one of the top things that consumers want when they stay at a hotel is “fresh towels delivered daily.”

By investing in quality bulk hotel towels, you can meet customer expectations and keep operating costs down.

Maximize Your Towel Budget By Buying in Bulk

Purchasing bath towels can take up a big chunk of your operating budget, especially if your current supplier is charging too much. Or, perhaps you’ve experienced a supplier who doesn’t always have adequate stock to fill your order for bulk hotel towels.

Either way, this puts you in a difficult position and gets in the way of providing a great experience for your guests.

To avoid these problems, consider buying bulk hotel towels directly from a wholesaler, like Texon Towels. We give you access to wholesale quantities that retailers typically can’t.

Retail stores are often unable to fulfill large orders of bulk hotel towels, or can’t provide them in the timeframe you need. And as you know, a busy hotel needs a regular, reliable supply of bulk hotel towels.

By purchasing bulk hotel towels directly from a wholesaler, you’ll get a lower price in comparison to a distributor or retailer. These discount rates are only available when purchasing a minimum amount, so it’s ideal for businesses like hotels, that require a large amount of towels on a regular basis.

What to Look For in Quality Bulk Hotel Towels

Your guests want to feel soft, absorbent towels, and you need them to stand the test of time. Premium hotel towels should stay soft and absorbent, even with frequent washing.

Buying bulk hotel towels allows you to save money while still getting that durability you need for heavy use. And don’t let the discount rates fool you—you can still get soft, luxurious bulk hotel towels that your guests will love to use.

Aside from the price point, the most important factors to consider when shopping for high-quality bulk hotel towels are:

  • Absorbency: How well the towel soaks up water
  • Durability: How strong the towel is and how many washes it can withstand
  • Thickness: The thicker the towel, the longer it will last
  • Softness: Guests want towels that feel as soft as what they’re used to at home

When to Replace Your Hotel Towels

By providing towel service to your guests, your towels are getting a lot of heavy use and are going through wash and dry cycles every day. Even the most durable towels will need to be replaced eventually. But how do you know when it’s time for a towel to retire?

As a general rule of thumb, your bulk hotel towels should be replaced about every six months. However, this can depend on how often they’re used, washed, and dried. As towels are washed and dried, they eventually lose fibers. Over time, this causes them to lose their softness and absorption too.

Inspect the condition of your towels regularly, and replace any towels that have:

  • Started to develop a musty or mildew-like odor that isn’t coming out in the wash
  • Lost their absorbency and/or softness
  • Stains that you’re unable to get out

Trust Texon For Your Cleaning and Laundry Needs

Texon Athletic Towel and Supply is a wholesale towel supplier that provides premium bulk hotel towels at bargain prices.

We also provide other quality products at competitive prices for all your laundry and cleaning needs, like laundry carts, mesh laundry bags, and bulk disinfecting wipes.

Give us a call today at (855) 401-7623, and let us know how we can help you.

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